Feb 10 2014

Follow my friend’s debt payoff and adoption story


My friend, “Mrs. Snuggs,” (and a friend of Courtney’s as well) has recently started a blog and I’d love if you popped over and paid her a visit.

Mom to two little ones and preparing to adopt more, this sweet family is working hard to pay off their vehicles this year. They are being very aggressive with the Dave Ramsey plan, and I had to laugh when I read about her “can opener debacle.”

I am not nearly as tenacious as she, and I’d probably pay for another can opener from another source than the food budget if I had to — maybe emergency fund? Hehe. I dunno. Personally, my own can opener is still going strong, and it’s just a model I picked up at Kroger in the canned goods aisle back in college.

Anywho. Mrs. Snuggs is a driven, determined person if I’ve ever met one and I am enjoying following her story at GeezeTheWeasel.

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One Response to “Follow my friend’s debt payoff and adoption story”

  1. Thanks for your sweet words! Hoping some of your readers might enjoy our little crazy journey!

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