Nov 14 2013

Are you willing to pay for shipping and convenience?


Would you rather pay for shipping, or would you rather save that money and go pick it up in person?

I’m so glad my friend Karen blogged about this topic (How much is convenience worth to you?), as we were chatting about it a little on Facebook and I thought it would be an interesting topic for each of our blogs.

Karen was talking about going to a mall to hit two store’s semi-annual sales. She knew just what she wanted and figured she could be in and out in a short period of time. If it were me, I’d be more inclined to get those things shipped to me somehow. Taking three kids to a store in the cold? One of my least favorite things to do. I tend to hibernate in cold weather and when I have itty bitty babies — so now I’m doubly hibernating. I also do not like paying for shipping — and I try to get around it by:

  • using Amazon Prime for shipping (I split the cost with a few friends)
  • using coupon codes to lower my overall price, even if that code doesn’t equal free shipping, my total cost is still lower
  • using Ebates or something similar for cash back (can’t do that in a store!)
  • splitting shipping with a friend

Gas prices have lowered in my area recently, but gas will typically be a factor. If I were to drive to the nearest mall, it would be 20 miles round-trip. Perhaps a gallon of gas in my van, if I hit lots of stoplights.

When I factor the time of getting two kids to go potty, get proper clothes on, shoes, jackets — then nurse and change the baby, make sure I have what I need for her, get loaded in the van and out the door it’s a long time just for getting ready. Then when we’re actually out shopping, staying focused on my shopping list and not buying extras, or picking up a snack while we’re out because I forgot to do that ahead of time…pfft. Don’t want it.

I did pay obscene shipping the other day in the name of convenience and sanity. I had $20 in Kohl’s Cash to spend, earned from another online shopping order (that one did have free shipping). I knew I could spend way more to get free shipping, but I only wanted one thing. The item was $21 or so, and with a coupon code (hah!) and Kohl’s Cash it was like $0.08. With something like $7 in shipping.

Ugh. I hesitated. Do I buy it, happy to pay $7 ? Or do I trudge to Kohl’s with my baby, leave the big kids at home with Shane, and brave the maze and lines there, to save $7?

In the end, I bought it online. The size I wanted wasn’t available in my local store anyway, so that made it much easier. I reasoned that while I was paying gobs for shipping, my total out of pocket was acceptable to me and the effort required to save $7 was not worth it to me in the slightest.

In Karen’s post, she talked about the percent of shipping relative to her total expenditure. That’s one approach, but I prefer to just consider my entire out of pocket cost and decide if that price is worth it to me.

Consider the Venn diagram of time, money and energy:

time energy money venn diagram

Ideally, we’ll all have at least one of those circles going on at once. If we’re lucky, we’ll have two and if we’ve hit the jackpot, all three.

Right now, I have decent money, some time, and even less energy. So, having things shipped to my house, even if that means paying a little more, it’s saving time, energy and sanity. And so on.

How about you? Are you willing to pay for shipping, even if that means spending a little more, for that convenience?

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