Oct 21 2013

How I’m saving time and money with a grocery delivery service


Grocery shopping online with my 3-week-old.


Going to the grocery store is one of my least-favorite tasks. There’s the list making, sales circular browsing, driving to the store, browsing aisles, reading labels, price comparing, waiting in the checkout line, loading  groceries in my car, driving home…

…and then if one or more of my children are with me, there’s a whole ‘nother set of to-dos: making sure they’re fed ahead of time, have been to the restroom, are in a good mood and in reasonably clean clothes.

If they’re with me, we always end up getting things that aren’t on my list. You know how it can be.

Ain't Nobody Got Time For Dat

The time, brain cells and sanity required for an outing such as that just…ain’t nobody got time for that.

I never could get to a point where I was going to the grocery only once per month (see: grocery prices are going way up, and what I’m doing about it and saving time and money with Amazon subscribe & save).

It’s usually a weekly or every 10 days sorta deal with me.

No more.

In addition to my Green Bean Delivery bin which contains fantastic produce and locally sourced meats and etc., (which I love so much!), and my Amazon subscribe & save orders, I’ve added another delivery to my doorstep: groceries. All of them.


There’s a company called Peapod that services Chicagoland, Indianapolis, Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, D.C., Philadelphia and SE Pennsylvania.

How I’m saving money:

  • Peapod has a store brand with reasonable prices and quality
  • They have weekly sales, with prices comparable to what I’d pay in person
  • You may use manufacturer’s coupons (and printable ones from the internet) and they double up to $0.99
  • I see my cart total as I add items to it. I can easily keep my total under a certain amount. I can also review my list to weed out impulse purchases, or walk over to my pantry/freezer/fridge/garage stash to make sure we actually need a given item, vs. buying it while at the store to ensure we do have it
  • No using gas! A minimal savings for me, as most of the places I shop are within 5 miles one-way. But it adds up.

In addition, the web interface and app (I’m using the one for Android) has nifty features to help save:

  • You can search for an item and then sort by unit price, item price, items on sale, etc. This way, you can see your options immediately, rather than having to do the comparison and math while at a store.
  • Your past purchases are saved to a list, and there’s a button where you can view those items that are on sale for the current week.

More ways to save:

:: Visit blogs that do weekly coupon matchups for Peapod, such as Mashup Mom and InGoodCents

:: Delivery charges range from $6.95 for an order of $100+, $7.95 for orders $75+, or $9.95 for orders $60+. But, it’s pretty easy to use coupon codes or promotions to get the fee waived or reduced. When I signed up, there was a code out there for free delivery for the first 60 days. Further, if you select your delivery time during certain hours/days, you could save $1-5 off your order.

:: If you bank through PNC as I do and are enrolled in their Purchase Payback Cash program, click over to see if you have an offer for Peapod available. I did, and it was good for a $15 credit (15% up to a $100 purchase, one time only, expires 10/27).

:: If you live in the Philadelphia market, there’s a coupon code available for $20 off your first order (AFFL20). For everyone else, there’s one for $15 off (PPCJ15). I don’t think you can stack it with the $10 off referral code (where you’d get $10 and I get $10), so do the highest-dollar amount deal you can for you. But hey maybe both will work?

:: If you use Upromise to help save for college, you can link your Peapod account and earn if you purchase participating products.

:: Print coupons from sources such as MyPoints or Swagbucks to earn bonus points on those respective accounts, while saving the amount of the coupon. You can get 10 Swagbucks for every redeemed coupon, and 10 for MyPoints with an additional bonus for redeeming 10+ coupons in a month.

:: Pay with a cash-back or points-earning credit or debit card, of course.

I could probably save money if I took my coupons and price-matched at Walmart, or got more from Aldi or a warehouse store. But time and sanity are worth paying a little more for, ya know?

How about you? Do you use Peapod or a similar grocery delivery service? Would you, even if it meant paying a little more for your groceries?

p.s., as glowy and lovey as this post is, I wrote it on my own accord. Links are affiliate.

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7 Responses to “How I’m saving time and money with a grocery delivery service”

  1. There is some really good advice in your post. Price matching is the way forward to cutting costs on groceries and shopping at Aldi can save a lot of money each week.

  2. Someone gave us a Fresh Direct (similar to Pea Pod, we have that too) for Christmas last year and my thought after using it was – why have I resisted this so long! I had assumed it would be more expensive than the grocery, but it’s not AND I don’t have to carry all the food home (no car here).
    Really it saves us money because I’m buying food to cook rather than ordering out because take-out is just so easy here, it’s a bigger part of our diet than I’d like.
    My best time / brain capacity saving tip is Fresh Direct has a “meal in a box” section with packaged meals of meat, veggies, and all marinades or sauces. You still have to cook it, but all the ingredients are there. It is more expensive than buying individually, but WAY cheaper than take-out.

  3. lol, silly spammer

  4. Love it! And I agree, convenience meals are usually cheaper than take-out

  5. Man, that’s awesome. I wish we had Peapod by us!

  6. This is some good advice on grocery shopping – I never thought about online shopping as a way to save gas money, because everywhere you look, online retailers mostly advertise their low prices. And I think the biggest benefit is being able to control your total bill before paying for it. It’s awkward asking the teller operator to remove some items from the list…

  7. I could probably save money if I took my coupons and price-matched at Walmart, or got more from Aldi or a warehouse store. . .

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