Oct 14 2013

The post-baby wardrobe revamp


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Tell me I’m not the only one here: I’ve noticed that after having each of my three babies, I’m suddenly inspired to rework my wardrobe and hone my personal style.

Maybe it’s because I can finally wear pants that have belt loops again — so I’m inspired to actually use a belt.

Or that I can see my feet while standing upright — so then I want to put on shoes that I think look cute, rather than the flip-flops I’ve worn for the past few months simply because I could fit into them and put them on without assistance or bending over.

For me, there’s something that needs to follow the whole boxing-up-maternity-clothes ritual. At two weeks out, I own one pair of jeans that fit me properly. I own several that are too big, and the rest of my pre-pregnancy jeans are too small. I know that as time goes by, my body will return to my normal and I’ll fit into my old clothes again.

At the same time, do I want to fit into those clothes? Do they make me feel comfortable in my own skin? Semi-stylish? Not frumpy?

I have long admired women who maintain wardrobes of things they love and fit them well, and yet do not require massive closets.

My goal is to curate a wardrobe containing only pieces I love. I remember what it was like to wear my favorite outfit to school when I was younger. I walked a little taller and felt a little more confident in my (extremely awkward, gangly) body.

Why can’t I wear a ‘favorite outfit’ every day? I don’t need 100+ combinations of unique outfits, after all.

And another thing — why do clearance racks cause me trouble? Just because the price is dirt cheap, and the item sorta fits me, it doesn’t mean that item needs to come home with me. It seems I’d be better off to ignore the price initially and decide on an item based on it’s own merit.

So I’m drawing inspiration from posts such as:

What does this have with money?

Well — if I can shop more deliberately, and buy better-quality items that last longer, then (hopefully) I will save money overall. I’m tired of purchasing items because they’re ok and they’re cheap. What does that get me? A closet with things that don’t necessarily go well together, things that don’t hold up to the washing machine/baby urp, and things that don’t make me feel all that great. It doesn’t mean I am not going to look for sales or coupon codes — it just means the discounts won’t drive the purchase.

I don’t know if you’d have an interest in me blogging my way through any of this (please let me know yea or nay).

If this is all I end up saying here on the matter, I guess I’ll end this post with:

We’ve gotta wear clothes anyway. Why not wear clothes that fit us well, that we enjoy wearing, and present us at our best?


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7 Responses to “The post-baby wardrobe revamp”

  1. Yay! I’ve only had one but I definitely felt the need to refresh my closet after having her. Because nothing fit due to my bigger boobs and C section belly… I read somewhere in the early 1900s (i think) before clothes making got industrialized and then outsourced, women had around seven outfits and they were really good quality. I would love that! I’ve started only buying from places (like Loft) where I know that the clothes will last for years, look good, and fit my style so I’ll want to wear them for years. I enjoy Pinterest Told Me blog, it’s not a budget blog but gives good info on staple pieces and she has good style!

  2. I’ve had the same revelation now that I’m done having kids! I’m so over buying cheap, sort-of fit clothing! I’ve never really been into wearing the brand name clothing, but I’ve noticed that it often really does fit better. I’d love to read more :)

  3. Yeah I love the idea of having fewer items, but things that will seriously last and look nice several years from now! Thanks for the blog recommendation.

    I’m not usually into brands either, but I am SO TIRED of the lousy Old Navy quality for many things, and also many things at Target. Which is a bummer, because Target clothes can be so cute! They just even hold up through a season for me :/

  4. I think this would be a great series! I think that as I’ve moved away from the ‘college’ life and having ‘going out’ clothes and buying cheap things (because that’s all I could afford) I’ve not transitioned into a true adult wardrobe!

    I’ve gotten rid of everything that doesn’t fit since I’ve gained since college and I stopped holding onto clothes as memories. I borrowed 90% of my maternity clothing (with the exception of a few pants/a dress for a baby shower) since I knew it likely wasn’t a good investment as this could be my only pregnancy. Now I’m going to see where I end up size-wise after baby and start pitching/buying things that I love and that I feel great in.

    I’m also a HUGE believer in accessories! They completely change up an outfit, usually aren’t too expensive, and really polish off a look!

    I agree about Old Navy/Target! I do buy jeans from Old Navy and they usually last 18-24 months, but for the price I’m okay with that. I’d love to know what stores/brands you have that make GREAT, LONG-LASTING shirts! So many of mine get small holes or pill up and I don’t even wear them that often!

  5. I used to avoid accessories, but I totally have seen the light now. Sometimes a scarf, simple earrings, a fun shoe and a belt can make it an OUTFIT instead of just jeans and a t.

    Old Navy jeans are usually ok for me lately, and they are indeed cheap.

    I’m still on the hunt for shirts that will hold up. But I kind of consider basic t shirts (like the white shirt, grey shirt, etc.) to be semi-disposable. I dunno if a high quality expensive white t shirt would last any longer for me, given my ability to stain white shirts. lolz.

  6. Sing is sister! I am with you 100%. And thanks for the shout-out!

  7. My revamping instinct only comes after the leaking/spit-up/ nursing-dictated-layering phase abates. Then my fashion itch hits the babysitter-needed wall. My refusal to spend a Sat. afternoon at the mall (while the husband can watch the kids for free) thwarts my desire for decent clothes. Target has a fitting room big enough for a shopping cart with a childseat. Unfortunately, this is my #1 requirement for a clothing store right now. :(

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