Sep 11 2013

Shopping for my kids’ fall wardrobes this year


I wanted to get going on the fall/winter wardrobe thing for the kids, even though it’s been record-busting-hot where I live. I took a quick inventory of last year’s items to see if anything still fit, and what else I might need to keep my kids clothed and warmed through the winter.

I really like dressing them in t-shirts and adding a zip-up sweater or hoodie to add warmth. That way, they can wear the t-shirt year-round until they outgrow it/ruin it and just add the sweater when needed (which is even now if my son is blasted with frigid air conditioning in a store or restaurant!).

My first stop was a small semi-annual consignment sale. I went at the beginning of the sale, and returned during 1/2 price time. There, I was able to get some nice things for Vivie, but it was a bigger challenge to find anything for Johnny. I did find a winter coat for him. Oh, and I got a few things for the baby.

I ended up consigning some unwanted clothing and toys, and unfortunately the money I earned just wasn’t worth the time I put into tagging and hanging everything. But, the money earned did help offset what I spent at the sale (I spent more, though).

My next stop was a kids’ resale store near me. The prices were a little higher than at the other sale, but the quality was nice and there was a bigger selection of clothes for Johnny. He’s at that awkward stage where some 5T things fit, but some things he needs the little boys’ department instead, and the fit is slightly different there from what I’ve found. Aww…he’s getting so big!

After that store, I thought I’d try my luck at a recent sale at The Children’s Place. I used Ebates to get 2.5% cash back, had a coupon code, and bought many items that were on sale at the time — things like jeans and other basics. I earned some “Place Cash” with my order, good for $20 off a $40 purchase during a certain time frame.

Unfortunately, I didn’t read the print closely enough and I thought it was a $20 off voucher. I thought I could get $20 off a $20 purchase like you can with Kohl’s Cash. Whoops.

Today I redeemed my Place Cash, but first clicking through Shop At Home where I can get 4% cash back instead of what Ebates is offering (why didn’t I check that sooner?!). I was bummed to see that I couldn’t stack a percent-off coupon code with my Place Cash. Lame. I still think I got decent deals, though.

With that second order, I bought underwear, winter boots, socks, pajamas and the sort. Hopefully, what I’ve purchased should last through uh…I guess April. I bought a few things a size up in case there are growth spurts, and I may end up needing to buy a few other things mid-season/for their birthdays if that’s the case. Oh winter. You are so long. Summer growth spurts are more convenient.

I’m hoping we’ll be happy with our Children’s Place purchases, and others.

How about you? How are you updating your children’s wardrobes this season? And your own wardrobe? 



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