Jun 19 2013

If you’re reading this in Google Reader … let’s stay in touch, ok?



Hi! This post is for the 68% of my subscribers who use Google Reader. If you read my site via another reader or via email, cool! Or if you follow me on Facebook, I like that, too.

I have used Google Reader for six years. I used it to follow blogs and quickly keep track of my favorite sites. Saves a lot of time, since you don’t have to click over on a whim to see if the blogger published something new.

And wouldn’t ya know it, Google is getting rid of Google Reader on July 1. As in, you won’t be able to use it anymore. Your data — gone. Blogs you followed? GONE unless you migrate to another service.

I’ve been pretty irritated at this, and I’ve tried several alternate feed readers to see what works best for me.

At first, I tried Feedly and didn’t like the magazine style, but you can customize the look so it’s more like Google Reader’s. I’m still working with the Android app to see if I like it…but the web version works ok for me. Switching to Feedly is absolutely seamless — you log on with your Google account and it pulls your feeds and organizes them as they were. Plus, reorganizing your feeds is much simpler, if you needed to do that.

I like that you can “save for later” (similar to Google Reader’s starring feature).

I also tried The Old Reader, Blog Lovin’, Blog Lines, and a few others that I can’t even remember. Those didn’t work so well for me, but maybe you’ll have better luck.

I’ve also started subscribing to blogs via email. I set a filter. THIS IS IMPORTANT, as I don’t want a ton of blog posts in my inbox.

In Gmail, I click on the message and then the “more” tab at the top. From the drop-down menu, I select “Filter messages like these.”

I “create filter with search” and check three boxes: SKIP THE INBOX (archive it) and “apply the label” and created a label called “blogs.” The last box I tick is called “Also apply filter to matching conversations.”

Sure, it’s a bit tedious to do that for every blog. But, it allows me to have blog posts accessible by email, but NOT in my inbox.

There’s plenty of options if you’re switching from Google Reader. Wish it didn’t have to come to this.

I hope you’ll stick with me one way or another! Thanks for reading here and participating in the conversation.

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One Response to “If you’re reading this in Google Reader … let’s stay in touch, ok?”

  1. I’ve been a diehard RSS reader for over five years, so I was pretty upset when they announced they were shutting it down. But Google hasn’t exactly been king of making good decisions in my book over the past year, so I guess I wasn’t surprised.

    I ended up with The Old Reader. Given that it was based off a prior version of Google Reader, it was the closest experience. I did an export, then ran in parallel for a few weeks which allowed me to see problems with a few feeds that didn’t work properly. Once I had everything in sync, I turned the lights out on Google Reader a couple of weeks ago.

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