Jun 17 2013

How I saved on kitchen light fixtures and our faucet


Here’s how I saved some money on the light fixtures and faucet for our kitchen renovation.

Before shots:

kitchen before

old light fixtures


Our designer did his thing and searched for the right fixtures for our area: above the sink; above the island; above the table; and under-mount lights for the cabinets. He also selected a faucet that fit what I was seeking.

Turns out, the best prices for all of those items were at Lowe’s. That surprised me — I think of that store as a bit pricey. But, everything was far cheaper there than it was at other places I searched for like items, so we rolled with it.

Total price before discounts and cash back, with tax: $688.05

Here’s how I saved:

  • I clicked through Ebates and earned 6% cash back on my total. ($38.08 back)
  • I searched for coupon codes, and found one that gave me $25 off a $250 order. I was spending enough that I could split my purchase into two $250+ orders, so I divided my transaction, used the codes twice and saved $50 with that code. Not only that — when you reduce the dollar amount of the purchase, you’re also reducin
    g the sales tax. So, cutting $50 off the retail price saved me 7% of tax of $50, or a savings of $3.50. Not much, but still!
  • I paid with my 1.75% cash-back credit card ($11.10 back)
  • I used free shipping when that was an option, and free store pick-up when it wasn’t.

Total with tax after discounts and cash back: $585.37. Plus about $8 worth of lightbulbs.

We could have selected cheaper fixtures. I could have hit the Habitat for Humanity ReStore or something similar to perhaps find super deals. But in the end, I’m happy with these purchases and I’m excited to see it all come together.

Shane installed the light fixtures. We could have hired that out, but it would have cost quite a bit — one company quoted $270 just to install the three fixtures.

Here’s our kitchen today. We’ve primed the walls and installed fixtures:

new light fixtures

She thought I wanted a picture of her stickers. Well, kinda. But here's another angle, and with the lights on

She thought I wanted a picture of her stickers. Well, kinda. But here’s another angle, and with the lights on



Notice the circle above the island light? Yeah that’s from the old fixture. This is why we didn’t paint the ceiling yet — we’ll do that now that the new fixtures are in place. Also need to paint the trim and the walls (you can see the wall color we selected — it’s on a foam board perched above the cabinet in the bottom picture).

The old fixtures put out a yellow cast, even though the bulbs didn’t cause that. Didn’t like the brass, either. This combo puts out a LOT of light. I think I might get a lower wattage bulb for the island.

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  1. Looks great so far! I am a huge believer in spending money on the things that matter. Far too often I’ve gotten an inexpensive temporary “ok” solution to hate it a year later and replace it.

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