Feb 05 2013

My updated laundry room


The bulk of the work has been done in our laundry room for a few months, but in the last few weeks we’ve finished it off with decorative touches and now I’m ready to share what we did.

Here’s the ridiculous before picture, as awful and cluttered as it could possibly be:

Hah! I was standing in the garage taking this photo. The door on the far right leads to a short hallway to the rest of the house.

We tackled this room first because I wanted something on small enough scale that we could complete the whole thing without too much fuss or expense. I wanted a practice room to paint, before heading on to our bigger projects. Plus, the paint in this room was the worst. Scuffed, holes in the wall, and just terrible.

I bought four or five small sample cans before picking the color we used. They all looked different on the swatches, and we ended up going with something more bold than I originally expected. Those mini cans are around $3 each and worth it! I ended up using about 1.5 gallons of paint.

Here’s some after shots:



Better, right? We took down the wire storage rack since it was not pretty to look at. The previous homeowners used decorative baskets to hold their cleaning supplies, but we wanted to go with a cabinet so we could hide the clutter altogether.

Spackled and painted two coats of that sunny yellow. I ended up using about 1.5 gallons of paint.

We got the shoe rack for Christmas one year. The rug came from Overstock. I have a bulletin board that I’ve had for years mounted to the one wall in the room you can’t see (it wasn’t exciting enough for a picture, but I like that it’s in there).

The items on top of the cabinet came from Home Goods and Goodwill for the most part. My great-grandma made the blue owl in the 1970s and the clear vase was just from some flowers that I received.

The large photo on the wall is of Shane and Johnny when we were on vacation in Brown County a few months ago. My friend Christine edited it for me (thank you!). It is 20×30 and that proved to be difficult to find a suitable frame locally. I checked all the usual places, but nope. I ended up buying the frame on Amazon from Craig Frames, and turns out the frame is made of real wood and was made in Michigan. It was a great price, too.

Overall, I’m happy with how the laundry room turned out. There’s one more project we’d like to do in that room: a few open shelves either next to the cabinet or on that adjacent wall. Clutter quickly piles up on top of the dryer. It would be nice to have just a little more storage in that room for things going in and out of the house.

Next up: painting my bedroom, and fixing our kitchen (paint on the walls, new counters, new light fixtures, oh my).

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8 Responses to “My updated laundry room”

  1. Looks great! What a cheerful color!

  2. I love it!

  3. It looks clean! I love the rug. That shade of yellow is the same yellow in my kitchen. You can see pics of it on my blog, as well. Just clicked the “My House” tab and find “Kitchen.” I think I am going to be painting it, because I am sooo in love with turquoise and I want everything in my life to be turquoise. LOL

  4. I like the changes except I’m pretty partial to the ‘Drop your drawers here’ stenciling that you covered up with the cabinet. Oh, well, guess you can’t have everything :)

  5. Hehe. It was actually one of those wall stickers

  6. I love the rug! It’s so pretty!

    We added cabinets to our laundry room a few years ago, and it made such a big difference. You’re going to LOVE having that hidden storage space :D

  7. Love it. It turned out fabulous!

  8. Great design, it is clean, I love it. It is also because yellow is my favorite color :)

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