Nov 30 2012

Adding roadside assistance to our auto insurance policy


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Last year, my grandma gave me the gift of AAA service. You know, the roadside assistance/discount plan/trip tik company. It’s a thoughtful gift and one we hoped we wouldn’t need (for the roadside part) but glad it was there if we did need it.

She wanted to know if she should renew for this year, but I thought about it and wanted to look into other options. We don’t drive a ton, and we haven’t used their discounts.

I contacted my car insurance agent and asked if we could tack on a roadside assistance package. He told me we could, for $6 per car per 6 months. So for the year for our two vehicles, it’s $24. Cheaper than AAA and the overall terms of the coverage seemed reasonable to me, so I added it.

If your car insurance doesn’t have this option, (or it isn’t budget-friendly), there’s always the option to self-insure. Save that AAA premium yourself and put it in your emergency fund.

How about you? Are roadside assistance add-ons worth it to you? Do you have another option besides AAA or your car insurance?

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5 Responses to “Adding roadside assistance to our auto insurance policy”

  1. We’ve had the insurance add-on for years and are satisfied. State Farm recently added a few things to the coverage (without increasing the fee), so it’s comparable to AAA.
    It’s been a few years since we’ve had to use it, but with older, paid-for cars, there was six month period where we had three tows between two vehicles. Just pay the tow company, call the agent and get a reimbursement check in a week.

  2. I wouldn’t go without it. Over the last few years I have used roadside assistance quite frequently.
    I last used it on my birthday- I got a flat tyre on the way to work. It was horrible as it was, but I wouldn’t have managed without it. They get their so quickly, fix everything up without a fuss, all while you stand their in your work clothes trying not to get dirty.

    It’s a bit different in Australia though. There aren’t really many options. There’s really only one company that people use in each state.

  3. I don’t usually post comments but I had to share this. A couple days after reading this post, I received my bill to renew AAA for $117. We had one of the more expensive plans because we used to have an older car that needed towed a few times last year but recently traded that in to lease a brand new car. So I called my insurance company and it turns out we’ve already been paying $4 a year per car for roadside assistance. They are a little vague on how many miles they’ll reimburse for, they said it depends on the situation. But it covers road side assistance and towing. Since both of our cars are reliable now I really just want it for peace of mind that if something happened we can get some of our money reimbursed. And for $8 a year?! Why not! We’ll be saving $117 by not renewing AAA. Thanks for the post, I would have never thought to check our insurance for this. And I did look on my paperwork that the insurance company sent me and I didn’t see anything about it. I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t called to check.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to call and share your story, Mary! You could be saving other people some $$ as well.

    You can take the $109/year you’re saving and put it toward something else.


  5. Uh…to “call” I mean to “post”

    haha! need coffee.

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