Nov 01 2012

Our last-minute weekend getaway


Brown County lake view vacation

Shane has been crazy-busy with work for the past oh, several years. It comes and goes in spurts from regular-busy to can’t-shower-I’m-too-busy-for-that. Busy. Good, but whoa.

We were getting desperate for a change of scenery, and we saw an opportunity for that a few days ago.

A little more than a week in advance, we booked a cabin in Brown County, Indiana. It’s a little more than an hour from our home, but the hills and more rural feel definitely made it like we were far away from our normal day.

How to book a vacation in Brown County in the fall at the last minute: Instead of shooting for a Thursday or Friday-Saturday booking, see if you can take off Monday-Tuesday. We arrived on Sunday and left on Tuesday morning, and because we chose those dates, we had several cabins from which to choose.

We liked that setup so well, we’ll try to do that again in the future. Oftentimes, Sunday-weekday bookings are at a discounted rate. Plus, when we get home it is a shorter workweek.

Since it was peak season, it wasn’t an inexpensive vacation…but if I calculate the hourly price (or better yet, the hourly price per person) it sounds better. Heh.

Eh, to be honest the final price wasn’t our top priority. We had been saving up for a vacation and it had a lot of intrinsic value to us. As long as it fit within the budget, we were good with that. We’d rather pay more for a really fun place (and it was) than save some money by staying in a less fun, but cheaper place. Ya know?

Our first night there, we grilled hot dogs and noshed on mac & cheese and frozen broccoli that we brought along. We had breakfasts of cereal, pb&j, rice cakes, fruit, raisins, nuts, etc. Snacks, too.

After some relaxing, we met up with Shane’s parents briefly and went to Nashville, Indiana for dinner. The next day after we checked out, we headed to Bloomington and tried a new-to-us restaurant, Farm Bloomington (on Kirkwood near the square, not far from Trojan Horse, you Btown people).

It was delicious and we will absolutely go back. We ordered an appetizer, two adult main courses, two kid plates (which were very good) and, why not, cookies and cobbler and coffee. With tip, we have never spent anywhere near that much money for lunch. And really, we don’t usually spend that much for dinner out. But it was worth it.

For our family, we place a lot of value on vacations and good restaurants (even though we don’t often vacation. Maybe we can change that?). We’re willing to pay a premium for these things, rather than trying to cut costs for the sake of cutting costs. Instead, we’d prefer to keep our expenses down in other areas. Hopefully we’ll go on another vacation soon.

What’s the point of trying to be good with your finances if you never really enjoy the benefits?

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3 Responses to “Our last-minute weekend getaway”

  1. OMG, that’s just like us. Kevin read that people are happier when they spend their money on experiences, rather than things (“If Money Doesn’t Make You Happy Then You Probably Aren’t Spending It Right” ). Although we do have to spend a lot to visit family, our favorite things to do are travel and eat awesome food. We try to go on mini vacations on three-day weekends and are always looking for flight deals. Going to restaurants and discovering favorite local foods are our main activities, whether we’re on a trip or not. It takes precedence at this point (and because of the cost of living where we live) over owning a home. Those memories are way more valuable than any material things.

    So glad you guys had a good time! And I LOVE Farm! I think I’ve gone every year I’ve been home since they opened. I have the cookbook, too.

  2. Thats my hometown! I just had the chance to get caught up on your blog and life and stuff and you made me miss home :( ,grandma, y’all AND the trojan horse.

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