Jul 11 2012

How we saved a little on our hotel


Here’s how we saved a little on our hotel stay when we went to Pittsburgh.

My method: I browsed Priceline, Travelocity, Hotels, etc. to see what was available and the price. I didn’t feel comfortable doing a “name my price” deal this time, because I really wanted to make sure we had big enough beds for everyone. The last time we picked our price, we ended up with a king bed and a pull-out sofa. We needed two queens, minimum.

I wanted to choose the room amenities and it was worth paying more for that convenience.

I discovered a $75 rebate that we’d be eligible for (stay 2 consecutive weekend nights in a certain date range) at Holiday Inn Express.

I went through Ebates* and booked it directly on the HI site since that’s where the cash-back was greatest (4.5%) and the price was the same as I could find elsewhere…well except the HI site offered better room options than I found.

Paid with my Citi cashback card and I *think* I’ll get 1% back but I might get up to 4% if it qualifies for a bonus.

All told, the $75 rebate and the Ebates and Citi cashback will make our trip much cheaper.

The company where Shane interviewed was supposed to pay for one night of our hotel plus reimburse us for mileage. When Shane told them he was taking a job somewhere else, he didn’t bring that detail up and the HR person didn’t say anything about it, either. I don’t know if they only reimburse if you take the job or what, but he didn’t want to push the issue.

He wanted to keep on good terms with the company in case he ever works for them some day.

As for me, I wanted the money reimbursed and didn’t think it would cause hard feelings, but I’ll yield to Shane on this one since it would be him doing the asking.

We also figure that since the Pittsburgh company gave him a job offer, which he turned around and used as a negotiation tool with another company, that the trip was more than paid for in his new salary. So whatever. It was a vacation, too.

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  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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