Jul 06 2012

Shane’s new job — a gift from God


Oh, I have a story to tell. If you’ve been reading my blog for more than a year, you’ll remember the incredible (and divine) circumstances that enabled our family to pick up and move from Pittsburgh to Indiana where we wanted to be closer to our extended families.

It’s a story that still gives me chills, because it was all God all the way.

See: The Holding Pattern, One Door Closed, and A Window Opened if you’d like to read up on how that came about.

So you could say that I was a little surprised that just barely a year after we moved back to Indiana, we were back in Pittsburgh for a job interview. If you’re following me on Facebook, you heard me jabbering about our upcoming road trip there. I just didn’t let on that we were there for a job interview. Let me ‘splain.

An old coworker of Shane’s passed his name along to his company’s hiring department, and they were recruiting Shane for a position. Though based in Pittsburgh, this would be a remote-support consulting job with limited travel. We’d still live in Indiana, and he’d work from home.

Shane thought the opportunity sounded good, but he wasn’t too sure about leaving his current company. He’d only been there a year and he didn’t want to be viewed as a job-hopper, after all. Still, the prospect sounded good and after a phone interview, he agreed to an in-person interview in Pittsburgh.

We arranged it for the weekend of June 30, and drove out Friday the 29th. We were excited to have a weekend in Pittsburgh and treated it as a vacation. We saw some amazing friends and had a wonderful time.

Then, Monday, July 2 showed up: the morning of Shane’s job interview.

While still at the hotel, he checked his email and saw an important one from the CEO — his company was in the process of being acquired by a huge firm in California.

At first, we weren’t sure if it was internal news or if it had gone public, but it turns out yep, the jig was up.

Being in the corporate office, Shane knew his job probably wouldn’t be saved. We hope that the purchasing company will still keep some operations in Indiana because mass layoffs are never what you want to have in your hometown.

But the timing of this was incredible — if his interview happened just a day prior, we wouldn’t have known this info.

His interview went well and the next day, he received a favorable job offer. After the interview, Shane had a few reservations, namely that the travel would be more than he first understood.

Meanwhile, other companies and headhunters came a-knockin’. They knew Shane would most likely be available soon and they were trying to recruit him. What a great problem to have, you know?

There was a guy who contacted Shane on Friday while we were already on the road to Pittsburgh (so before the news of the company’s sale broke) but Shane didn’t return his call yet. He heard from him again on Monday, and decided it would at least be worth talking with him about his opportunity.

They had a lengthy phone conversation and Shane liked what he heard. They met for an in-person interview and this morning, Shane received an offer beyond what the Pittsburgh company offered. This position would also be consulting, but it would be with Indianapolis-based clients, so no outside travel. He’d have more opportunities with business growth and development and overall it sounded like a much better fit.

Whew! So much has happened in a week.

We’re grateful for the Pittsburgh opportunity because it was a chance to see friends if nothing else, and also that job offer increased his bargaining power with this local firm.

We had our families and some friends and our pastor praying for us throughout through this process, and it does seem clear this will be the right move for our family.

The only hiccup now, is there’s no group health insurance yet where Shane is going to work. It’s in the works and should start in the coming months, but I know how red tape can tie things up and there could be a delay. We’ll pay COBRA until we have that other group plan in place.

It’s not cheap, but I’d rather do that than go without insurance. I think it’s a better option than trying to get private insurance right now. There’d likely be a waiting period anyway with the private policy, so perhaps COBRA could buy us some time if we wanted to go the private route after all.

Oh, health insurance.

Mostly, though, we are blessed well beyond what we deserve. The Lord knew all along that Shane’s current company would be sold, and a month before that hit the presses He started the process of finding other opportunities for Shane. He provided a way for Shane to gracefully leave the company with no worries about being perceived a job-hopper. He’s not.

He’s great at his work and he’s an amazing catch in so many ways.

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8 Responses to “Shane’s new job — a gift from God”

  1. Great timing! Our company was also acquired recently and I’m still waiting to see who stays and who goes. Not a fun process….

  2. That is so wonderful. Praise be to God. He will find you the right insurance plan as well. :) Last year I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness one week before open enrollment on our insurance. We were able to move to a lower deductible/out of pocket plan. It has saved our family so much. God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good!!

  3. Don’t rule out private health insurance. It doesn’t cost anything to look around – and it might be less expensive than COBRA. (After losing my job, we also played the COBRA/private insurance game. It turned out that COBRA was better in our situation. But it doesn’t hurt to check!) My individual Aetna policy didn’t have any waiting periods, but every plan is different in every state. Maybe try eHealthinsurance.com. Everything will work out!

  4. All good things from God. Praise Him. Love your story. We have private insurance because Cobra was insane. It isn’t as good but it is decent considering our premium each month is 1/3 what we would pay for Cobra. Monday start checking and look on line. That is what I did.

  5. That is very exciting! I’m so glad you get to stay in Indiana AND don’t have the stress of suddenly being out of work or having to find a new job. Perfect timing indeed!

  6. Isn’t God amazing! He sees to every detail…even the ones we never think of…like how nice it was for you to have an opportunity to visit old friends!

    Anyway…I would encourage you as Stacey above did…do check out private insurance. A good friend was out of work for nearly a year and was paying COBRA the whole time. The old company made some changes and she found out that she was going to lose her COBRA coverage so she went looking at private…low and behold, it was about $300 cheaper and way better coverage. She is now kicking herself for not checking…that would have saved her almost $3000!!!! Doesn’t cost to get a quote!

    All the best to Shane in his new job!!!

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