Jun 08 2012

27 years


My birthday is tomorrow! I’ll be 27 years old. To my ear, this sounds like a fantastic age. I’m still young, but not nearly as inexperienced and naive as I was when I was in my early 20s and in college. I still have a lot of growing up to do. :)

This is my second birthday back in Indiana — we moved back here just a few weeks prior to me turning 26. THAT was a big year for sure. It was when I was 26 that I wrote two of the largest checks of my life so far — when we bought our van and when we put a down payment on our house.

Spendy year!

This year, I’m going to see my parents and sissy-poo up in Lafayette and tonight I think I’ll go out to dinner, or maybe stay home for dinner and then go to Orange Leaf for dessert.

This is going to be a special birthday for me, being able to see my parents.

I hadn’t blogged about this at all, but six months ago my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. In January, he had surgery to remove his entire left lung. He had a short recovery period and then had 4 rounds of chemo, since there was tiny cancer in his lymph nodes (some of which were removed). After his last treatment, the scans showed he was cancer-free!

You get perspective on things when someone you love is close to death. I saw him a few days before his surgery and we had a heart-to-heart because honestly, I wasn’t sure if he would survive the surgery and I had some things I wanted to be sure he heard.

He had that grey, death-is-near look about him, and really it was since he had so much blood in his lung and he was sort of drowning. If his surgery was delayed, I’m not sure he would have survived.

God blessed him and our family and spared his life. We are so grateful and I feel so fortunate to be able to spend my 27th birthday celebrating with chocolate cake in the company of the man who has done so much for me, and who continues to do so.

And PSA — do not smoke. Quit now. Lung cancer is rotten, as is emphysema and COPD. Your friends and family will thank you!

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5 Responses to “27 years”

  1. Have a very special day. I am glad your father is still alive it is hard to find anyone that their lives have not been touched by cancer. It is a blessing that he is still here and I am sure he is aware of that.

  2. I didn’t know your dad is officially cancer-free! Did I miss that during my Facebook break? What a wonderful gift — another birthday with your dad. I’m so happy and relieved for your family. I hope he stays healthy for many years to come.

    Happy birthday to you! I’m glad you were born so you could be my friend. Have a fabulous day tomorrow.
    Karen´s last post ..Eighteen months

  3. Happy 27. That’s when my quarter-life crisis hit. Didn’t help that it’s also when I got my first grey hair! :)

  4. Happy happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day. You are so young! I turned 39 on the 6th and I the count down has begun.

    So glad your dad is Ok, how scary and stressful!

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