May 15 2012

Gratituesday: Grateful for new opportunities


When I first started my blog in 2007, I was able to draw on some skills I learned in college. My degree is a BA majoring in communications & culture, and I have a certificate in journalism.

But blogging also taught me quite a bit about websites and social media — things I really needed to learn on the job here.

I’m grateful that I’m now able to use my skills to do some work with my church’s website. My husband (the techie) and I are doing little improvements to the site’s appearance and function. We now have a social media presence and an e-newsletter for church members. Hopefully this will help our members stay informed of church activities, but also provide helpful information to visitors.

Recently, I interviewed a new church elder for the site. I did a phone interview and it was my first one in probably 4 years. Then, I wrote up a little profile story about him.

I was really rusty and it took me forever. It was fun, though!

I’m looking forward to doing more newsletters and web stuff for our church.

I’m grateful that the Lord has given me this background, and that He has found a place to put me to work.

I guess this project is one of the things that is keeping me a bit busy from this blog, hence me wanting to take a slower blogging pace.

(The other reason? My kids! Such a busy, fun age. They really need a lot of my attention and that’ll continue as we start preschool stuff at home.)

Join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers, one of my favorite blogs!

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2 Responses to “Gratituesday: Grateful for new opportunities”

  1. Yay! Putting those J-school skillz back to work :)
    Link to the profile!?

  2. You go girl! That’s awesome that you are helping your church with social media – that’s an area that I am sure is much needed! When my kids were little, I too used my skills to serve in my church and community! Blessings to you!

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