May 04 2012

Updates: Counters are beyond chipping; seedings; college


EDIT 8/6/13: Please see my updated post on my negative Giani countertop review and how the company is offering a money-back guarantee.

Our counters are um…well, have a look for yourself:


Yeah. We’ve got money earmarked for replacing the counters and I hope to get that project going soon. We’ll pay a professional to install. I know we could in theory do it ourselves, but we think it’s worth paying someone who knows what they’re doing and has the time.

This charming area of counter space is right next to my sink. I washed dishes then wiped down the counters, and had to scrub just a little because something was stuck (this was an area where there was already faint chipping). And then huge pieces of the paint wore all the way down to the original. Hrmph. We have chipping on the island, too.

Bummer that it didn’t work out, but hey, on the bright side we haven’t painted our kitchen walls yet so now we can make sure it matches the new stuff.

– My seedlings? Dead. Time to buy some pre-grown plants. Or whatever they’re called.

– Shane just got word that his employer is cutting the education reimbursement program. So, if he wants his master’s, he’ll have to pay for it himself (for now). We know he can do 1-2 classes per year and we can claim a federal tax credit to cut our own expenses (assuming that’ll continue). Right now, he’s not going to enroll this year. Our kids are so young and busy — and since it doesn’t seem urgent, we’ll just wait and see if his employer brings it back.

We have some money in a 529 account in his name. We won’t add to it for now. If he never uses the money, we can just transfer it to our kids.

Did you see my guest post on Money Saving Mom this week? It’s called How to Stay Motivated When Paying off Debt.

My post on maxing out our IRAs in 2012 was included in the Carnival of Personal Finance and the Carnival of Retirement.

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7 Responses to “Updates: Counters are beyond chipping; seedings; college”

  1. !!! I’d be so mad about the counters! Did you contact the company?

  2. I did contact them awhile back when it started chipping, and they offered to send me a special sealant or something like that to go over it again.

    I thought about it, but just didn’t want to do it since I was concerned about the harsher fumes.

    It’s no huge loss since we didn’t like the white counters we had and were probably going to replace them anyway.

  3. We replaced our countertop- did a special order at Menards with the pieces cut to the right lengths and the sink cut out where it should be, and Josh installed it himself. It really didn’t take very long at all. We did end up going with laminate, though- don’t know if you’re planning something fancier.

  4. Your husband’s company is not alone in cutting that. We hear that a lot from students who try to figure out how they can finish when it happens. One nameless hospital system tried that and started losing people. They put it back. Sadly that’s usually not the reaction in business.

    Think of this–your husband will likely change jobs (most people eventually do) and may get the credit that way.

  5. Counters are a tough DIY project. Probably best to go with a pro. If you mess them up, it’s almost impossible to fix them right.

  6. We had a granite overlay installed. It cost about $1,800 (we have a similar-sized kitchen) and was done in 2 hours. It’s real stone, but just a thin layer and they place it on top of your existing counter top. It was a good compromise for us, in terms of price and durability. We used Granite Transformations, they have a few locations in PA and throughout the country.

  7. I thought about opening up a 529 account for my kids. You are right on target. Get someone to fix the counter. I just fixed a clog in my bathroom and cut my finger.

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