Feb 24 2012

A birthday party, retirement calculator, and a roundup


This has been a fun week. My husband turned 27 on Tuesday and we’ve had a nice time celebrating. Johnny was really excited about his daddy’s upcoming birthday, and talked it up for weeks. He wanted to be sure we had balloons and a candle for the cake (we had apple pie, actually). I thought we still had birthday candles, but couldn’t find them so I lit a votive candle. Hey, it’s fire. It worked.

We bought SpongeBob plates, napkins and party hats just for the fun of it. I took a paper bag and cut it opened and had Johnny color on the non-marked side and we used that to wrap Shane’s present — a photo collage of the kids in a frame for his desk at work.

It happens to be Shane’s twin brother’s birthday as well (no kidding!) as well as their father’s birthday. Johnny enjoyed wishing all of them a happy birthday, and said “It makes them happy when I tell them happy birthday!” Oh man I love three-year-olds so much; it’s so fun!

I can’t believe Shane and I are heading into our late 20s. We met each other when we were 18. It’s been great growing up together. We’ll celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary in a few months.

Please take a moment and check out the retirement calculator Shane worked very hard to make for me. He did a great job with it!

The calculator should tell you how long your retirement funds should last, and if you have a shortfall, how much extra you’ll need in your nest egg at retirement to meet your goals. Would love any feedback you have on it.

Oh, and remember when I announced I was joining the Yakezie Challenge with the goal of dropping under 200k in Alexa? I’m at 198k today. Whoa! Thank you everyone for your readership. Still not sure what this will mean for my blog, exactly.

And now, a roundup:


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6 Responses to “A birthday party, retirement calculator, and a roundup”

  1. Great pick on spongebob, and congratulations on your yakezie chalenge status!
    bax´s last post ..Change Chowder

  2. Congrats on being at 198K!

  3. Massive Congrats on the sub 200k! I can only still dream of that :)
    Savvy Scot´s last post ..How to get a 100% LTV Mortgage

  4. happy birthday hubby. late 20’s huh? I am jealous.

  5. Congrats on your Yakezie status!
    Dannielle @ Odd Cents´s last post ..Comment on Ten Common Financial Problems by Elle

  6. Congrats on being under 200K! (And happy birthday to your husband too; sounds like your son had a great time with the party preparations.)
    Jackie´s last post ..Kick Doubt to the Curb

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