Jan 27 2012

Weekend reading: Feed your family on $250/month; save on clothing; home workouts


I thought Vivienne’s runny nose and fussy attitude was solely because she was cutting teeth. And then Johnny joined in on the unfun, and has a runny nose and feels lousy, too. He has all his teeth. Oh, baby colds. Hope they can get well soon. That’s all I got this week. Here’s the roundup:

I was included in this week’s Yakezie Carnival, with my post on how small amounts can have a big impact on the mortgage

Callie = Joy — You won’t want to miss this photo essay, showing a couple whose first child was stillborn. I can’t even imagine their grief. But it was great to celebrate with them when their second child was born, screaming! Beautiful!

How much is $20? @ So Over Debt. It’s not much, in theory, but can be a big deal psychologically. And saying, “Oh, what does it hurt to spend $20 on this?” can lead to financial problems.

Should I prepare my own taxes? @ LifeHacker I thought this year would be the year we hired out our tax prep services. I had always done them myself in the past with Turbo Tax or the H&R Block software. The 2011 tax year is our nuttiest by far — two states, a move (and deductions for that), my business income, buying our house, sold some stock, and on and on. And yet, I *think* Turbo Tax can still cover me. One CPA quoted me at $600-800 to do our return (um, what?) and Karen told me that was nuts and encouraged me to shop around. The next firm put me in the $250-300 range. I’ll save even more if I do it myself, but only if we can catch all of our deductions. We’ll see.

How to save money on clothing@ Saving Advice Good stuff! I’m finding that I prefer to buy shoes and scarves right now — things that fit me at any size.

11 things you may not know about retirement accounts @ Get Rich Slowly #5 was new to me! I’m going to see if we can do this.

Home workout programs can be a cost effective way to work out @Bible Money Matters. Going to a gym just isn’t going to work out for me right now, unless I can figure out how to get up early. I’ll stick with home stuff for now.

What I would feed my family on $250/month and  How I would improve my budget even more @Keeper of the Home. Wish I could have written these posts! I’m still a ways off from figuring out how to cook whole foods on a budget. I can do “budget” cooking or “whole food” cooking, but combining the two? Still working on that.

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3 Responses to “Weekend reading: Feed your family on $250/month; save on clothing; home workouts”

  1. Tears for the family with a newborn baby. I can’t even imagine the grief and joy. And I’m with you on whole foods and budgets. Those two things don’t seem to mix for me!

  2. For several years I used food stamp guidelines for my food budget–mind you it included, cleaning stuff, laundry stuff, cat food, kitty litter, dog chow and dog biscuits. I could do it because I knew how to cook and how to shop. Today I give us a larger budget because I can, but in times when I need to “find” extra money for, say, my kids recent Homecoming Dance , I can do the month at that level still and we’re fine. It was a necessity when I stated doing it, today it’s just one of few good financial habits I’ve ever developed.
    Lisa´s last post ..The Stocked Kitchen update

  3. Well, I fed my family on $250 this month, but I could not do it every single month and feed us the way I want to – locally grown and raised, many organics, etc. And I cook a lot from scratch. I’m going to check out that blog now and see how they do ti.
    Jennifer´s last post ..Watch Fresh The Movie for FREE

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