Jan 26 2012

Our playroom and office, updated (and their Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday)


My daughter turned 1 on Dec. 17. My son turned 3 on Dec. 20. We threw a small party for them with the “Very Hungry Caterpillar” theme. I purchased wall decals on eBay (way cheaper than I could find anywhere else!) and put them up in our playroom on the night before their party. It was party decor, but also (semi) permanent decor and I’m happy with how it turned out. Roughly $45. I’ve seen other sets of VHC wall decals in the $15 range, though they have different and fewer stickers.

playroom with very hungry caterpillar decals

I created some construction paper caterpillars and wrote their names on it.

We had The Very Hungry Caterpillar board book, but I also borrowed another, larger version from the public library. And yes we had story-time while people were eating dinner and I read it to them. I wanted to explain why I had a platter of pickles, salami, swiss cheese….and a fruit salad of apples, pears, plums, strawberries, oranges…you know the drill.

We put up some balloons shaped like caterpillars and called it a day.

Between their birthdays and then Christmas a few days later, we had a toy avalanche over here.

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I wanted to show you our playroom now. Our playroom is intended to be a dining room in this house, but we don’t care. We dine in the eat-in kitchen. We love the placement of their playroom because it’s right off the kitchen and office.

playroom view from office

I determined some other things I wanted to add to this room and put them on their Christmas wish list. Some doting grandparents helped finish the playroom. That’s a cheaper way to do it (for the parents) — tell the grandparents what you want and if they get those things, cool! If not, no harm.

The floor puzzle mat is great because it provides a cushy surface that they can play with and take apart, but also it keeps the floor a bit warmer. This version is thicker than others I’ve seen.

I wasn’t sure if the kids would play with the town landscape floor rug or if it would just be a rug, but they play with it quite a bit and push cars around to the little stores and houses.

I bought the play kitchen from a mom in my local mom’s group.

The car/train table is particularly cool because it has hills and roads to push trains and matchbox cars around, but it also comes with a heavy-duty lid. Pop that thing on and you have a surface for coloring, stacking blocks, whatever. (pictured both ways)

The 3×3 organizer came from Target and we bought it before Johnny was born. We have it anchored to the wall in case someone ever tries to climb it. My kids aren’t climbers, but we like to have playdates and I want others to be safe here, too.

The 3-drawer blue plastic organizer holds the wooden train pieces, wooden alphabet blocks, and small toys.

We keep their board books and small toys in the cubbies. The drawers hold cars, plastic animals, balls, etc. We have a brown cube on the floor behind the train table that holds stuffed animals.

I had a plastic tote, but the lid went missing. The tote then became perfect for holding their large cardboard blocks.

They have a few toys in their bedrooms, but we keep most of the toys downstairs since that’s where we are most of the day.

office with computer desk and glider

Our office is in the adjacent room and there is a set of French doors that we sometimes close.

The desk came from craigslist for $50. The computer was a refurbished model from eBay (just the tower…the monitor came from Walmart). Messy desk, I know. That’s me.

The curtains came with the house (we included that in our offer), but these were originally hung in the family room. I switched them with plain brown ones because I thought it matched our rooms better. The windows were the same size, so it worked out.

office view 2 with glider and bookcase

The end table you see came from craigslist. We have two of them, actually, and the other is in the family room. Below is our printer which is wirelessly connected. The cherry wood chair was my great-grandmother’s.

Our awesome glider and ottoman was a Christmas present from Shane’s parents. See — put stuff on your Christmas list and let generous family decorate your house :).

All we need now is a small area rug to anchor the room, and I think we’ll be done in there. This stuff is fun!

Disclosure: I linked to some items mentioned here and used my Amazon affiliate link.

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6 Responses to “Our playroom and office, updated (and their Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday)”

  1. Fun! I need to do a post like this with some of the things we’ve done, but I wanna wait until our new furniture arrives (in MARCH. Harrumph.) Our playroom makeover was free — we just rearranged what we already had — but I still want to do some organization stuff that’s going to cost some money for tubs and things. It seems like every time I get an idea for the house, the dollar signs start stacking up. It is fun, though!

  2. I love what I see of your house here!! That play room looks like it would be a lot of fun! Our play room (back when I owned a house) had carpet and they boys didn’t like that because their cars wouldn’t go. They loved when we lived in a house with hardwoods.

    I’m going to snoop around for more pics of the house.

  3. Nice! Cute party idea!

  4. I loved this post! Loved the pictures. Got some ideas for my future office from them. Thank you for sharing!

  5. How lovely! The hungry caterpillar theme is just adorable. My son and I love that book.

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