Jan 18 2012

Blog improvements: New pages, Yakezie and more


Proud Member of the Yakezie Challenge

At the end of 2011, I was really in a rut here with the blog. I didn’t know where to take it next, or how to fit blogging in with my life. After some regrouping and reflection, I identified some things I could do to enhance your experience here, and my own enjoyment as well.

First up — I’m a new Yakezie Challenger. Yakezie is a personal finance blogger network. Members are dedicated to helping one another with various blogging issues and overall it’s a big support system. The catch? You have to be serious about your membership. They won’t take just anyone!

I’m in a six-month challenge period. I have until then to get my Alexa ranking to below 200k (the lower the better). Today, I’m at 445k. That means that there are 445k other sites on the internet that rank better than mine. Here’s some ways I can try to improve my Alexa ranking. A few weeks ago, I didn’t know what or who Alexa was. Apparently she’s the popularity judge, and we should try to get on her good side.

By networking with other Yakezie challengers and members and making several blog improvements, I hope to earn a membership spot. Even if I fall short, I know my blog will still be better for it.

New pages here:

  • I recently created a page called Babies & Your Budget where I have many of my baby-related posts and saving ideas.
  • A “my money situation” page, detailing our current budget and sharing highlights of our money story.
  • series page to keep track of past series. It’s located under the archives tab at the top. Right now, I have Courtney’s story and Dorothy’s (we need updates from them both soon, don’t we?), wedding stuff, and house stuff.

Other things I’m doing:

  • Participating with SITS Girls and bloggers, working our way through ProBlogger’s 31 Days to a Better Blog ebook. We’re implementing ideas from that book and networking with one another.
  • Doing a DIY blog critique via MomComm’s workbook. Psst: Enter code JANPROMO to grab it for $10.50. Sale ends Jan. 20!
  • Keeping a running list of blog post ideas, so that I can focus writing on my strongest ideas and make the best use of my time. The list is on regular paper so I don’t get sucked into my computer to write one little thing, and find that I’m still on it 5 minutes later. Or worse.
  • Mapping out a tentative post schedule
  • Making a priority list of blog tasks. Lower priority stuff shouldn’t clutter up my attention when higher priority stuff needs done first. So obvious, but I needed to tell myself that.
  • Searching for opportunities to guest post, and finding quality guest posts for my site (wanna post here? Get in touch!)
  • Adding Twitter & Facebook buttons to posts, and to my sidebar
  • Cleaning up my sidebars
  • Improving site loading speed
  • Making the font in the comments section larger. Why did no one ever tell me it was too small!? I feel so silly.

You get the point. I’m trying to make this site a better place to read and interact. Feedback always welcome!

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12 Responses to “Blog improvements: New pages, Yakezie and more”

  1. Welcome! I am glad you joined the challenge. Yakezie is a great place and everyone is EXTREMELY helpful. You will like. Also, we all will motivate you to blog and keep blogging. :)
    Aloysa @ My Broken Coin´s last post ..Stop Being Cheap and Invest In Yourself

  2. I like. I like. Congrats. I wish I would have read your baby posts before I had to penny pinching kids. Thank GOD I love them.


  3. Best of luck to the challenge, you are in good company
    SB @ One Cent At A Time´s last post ..Top 10 Personal Budgeting Tips for New Year

  4. Welcome to the challenge! Yakezie is a great place. If you have any questions or if there is anything I could help with, feel free to email me.

  5. Good luck with your challenge! And nice larger font on the comment section. :)

  6. Welcome to Yakezie. Good luck with your challenge!
    Marissa´s last post ..Using Tools to Pay Online Bills and Save Money

  7. Sounds like nothing but great improvements! I look forward to what you have for us! I’ve been a follower for a long time…but will love seeing more regular posting from you! AWESOME!

  8. Thank you! I’m enjoying this stuff!
    Kacie´s last post ..How I’m automating our money so I save time and meet our goals

  9. Congrats on joining the Challenge Kacie. You’ll be below 200,000 in no time.

    Looking forward to working more closely with you.
    Jessica, The Debt Princess´s last post ..What NOT to Do: Fail to Save

  10. Great to know this… you are already on 400k mark and you will soon break 200k.. kuduos.. great post and good writing… this challenge is really helpful to all of us..
    Craig Mathews´s last post ..Rebuilding your Credit and Establishing Savings after Debt Settlement

  11. So does this mean no more posts?

  12. What, K?

    I’m still posting. Just on a slower pace. See my post from earlier this month on the topic

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