Jan 13 2012

Friday roundup, cute baby, and new disclosure policy


Can you believe the weather earlier this week? We  enjoyed the sunshine and balmy temps. Now it’s snowing, and that’s ok. It’s January, after all. There’s Vivie in the yard, doing her classic tongue roll. The girl is 12m and still has no teeth. She’s always rolling her tongue like that. Silly!

I wanted to draw attention to my updated disclosure policy for this site. This page outlines how I earn income. I think it’s important that you know this info on this blog, and others. Plus, the FTC says so! In the future, rather than just say a post contains affiliate links as I have been doing, I’ll link to that page AND tell you there are affiliate links. Gotta be clear.

Next, please vote in my poll on how I should present retirement info to you. The poll wasn’t working yesterday morning but it’s fixed now (though do let me know if there are problems). Voting should take 10 seconds or less, and it’ll help me make sure I’m spending my time wisely in preparing this info. I’d hate to spend hours and hours creating an ebook, to have no one care to read it. Or do a big ol’ blog series, only to make you all unsubscribe.


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5 Responses to “Friday roundup, cute baby, and new disclosure policy”

  1. Thanks for the link! And I agree with you, Rachel’s ebook is very helpful.
    Gina´s last post ..Sausage and Lentil Soup

  2. Hey – my daughter is 2, and her name is Vivian. Love that name! We call her Vivi too.

    The disclaimer on my site is not as friendly as yours. In fact, it might be a bit harsh :)

    I do believe in disclosing to the readers when/if we are compensated for reviews, etc. I don’t really plan to do paid reviews (but that could change, I guess).
    John | Married (with Debt)´s last post ..Weekly Article Roundup

  3. Hey – Cason has his first shout out! Thanks!

    And thanks for doing the math on Amazon Mom – that’s so sad – I LOVED getting a 30% discount on my diapers (and extending those 3 months of free shipping by timing the purchases just right). Oh well.
    Laura Stiller´s last post ..Cason Reed has ARRIVED!

  4. I hadn’t noticed until now that you stopped using Blogher – I bowed out when they wanted a year commitment since I wasn’t sure what I was doing and a year was daunting.

    And yay for cute babies. :)

  5. Erin – It was a recent change. I was making barely anything from it and I just didn’t like the rules and restrictions. It’s a big ad space, too! I don’t think I was getting any traffic from it either.

    It works really well for some people but it just wasn’t working out for me

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