Jan 12 2012

FIXED: Poll: How do you want me to share info on retirement planning? Please vote!



The original poll code wasn’t working. I was so sad to see 0 responses, and I wondered what was going on. THANK YOU, Jenny, for letting me know there was a problem! I changed the code and I hope it’s working for you now.

I’ve been working on a series on preparing for retirement to share in some way on this blog.

I want to share info in a way that will benefit YOU the most. I’m not sure where you’re at with retirement planning or investing, or if this is a topic you even want me to post about.

So, a poll. Please leave any additional comments for me on this. You can select multiple checkboxes.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to this poll! It’ll help me package this info in the way that will suit you the best, and that’s my whole point in doing this.

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One Response to “FIXED: Poll: How do you want me to share info on retirement planning? Please vote!”

  1. Hi. Your poll doesn’t seem to be working for me. I can click a box, but the vote button doesn’t do anything when I click on it (isn’t a link), and when I click on the view results link, it just takes me back to this page (with a really long load time). I’m using firefox.

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