Jan 12 2012

Is Amazon Mom Prime worth it anymore?


Way back, Amazon rolled out their Amazon Mom* program for caregivers. You didn’t have to be a mom to join. Membership started out  free, and if you made qualifying purchases your membership could be extended. The incentive to join? Bigger subscribe & save discounts on things like diapers and other regularly-purchased baby items. Plus, you could get free two-day shipping on a lot of items. It was a cool deal.

Is Amazon Mom Prime a deal anymore? Here’s the email I just got:

The Amazon Mom program is changing in 2012 and we want to make sure you know about it. Some of these changes affect your membership. Here’s how:

  • Starting on January 24, 2012, the maximum discount available on diapers and wipes subscriptions will be 20%. This includes a 5% Subscribe & Save discount plus an additional 15% exclusively for Amazon Mom members who are earning free shipping benefits or have an active Amazon Prime membership.
  • Customers who join Amazon Mom in 2012 will get three months of FREE Two-Day Shipping benefits. Once the initial free period is over, customers can join Amazon Prime to continue to receive full access to Amazon Mom and Amazon Prime benefits.

Since your free shipping benefits have ended and you have not yet joined Amazon Prime, the additional 15% Amazon Mom discount on diapers and wipes subscriptions will expire on January 24, 2012.

We hope that you have enjoyed the value and convenience of your Amazon Mom membership over the past year. To continue receiving all the benefits of Amazon Mom, join Amazon Prime for $79/year. As a Prime member you’ll receive:

  • 20% off diapers and wipes subscriptions with Amazon Mom and Subscribe & Save.
  • FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items.
  • Unlimited instant streaming of thousands of videos with a wide range of content for the whole family, including Sesame Street and Phineas and Ferb.
  • A Kindle book to borrow for free each month from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.
  • Membership sharing benefits: invite up to four household members to share your shipping benefits for free.

To learn more or make changes to your Amazon Mom membership, please visit www.amazon.com/mom-faq.

To see details on your current subscriptions, please visit www.amazon.com/manageyoursubscriptions.

— end —

I’d have to pay $79/12 months to continue getting 20% off my disposable diaper purchases. I used to get 30% off and my most recent purchase was still grandfathered in, but now my best discount is 20% off IF I sign up and pay for Prime.

The Luv’s diapers* I buy for the kids (both are in a size 5 right now) cost $37.99 for a box of 168 at today’s Amazon price. That’s .23 each. With the 20% subscribe & save discount, the price becomes $30.39, or $0.18 each.

The price difference for me is $7.60 per box if I keep Prime going.

If I don’t keep Prime, but keep subscribe & save, I’d save 5%, or $1.89 per box.

I looked over my past order history. Looks like I buy a box aproximately once per month, sometimes one box per two months.

At 1 box/month, I would save money off Amazon’s regular price by joining Prime. Barely.

Purchasing 12 boxes WITH Prime is a savings of $91.20. Subtract out $79 Prime fees and that’s $12.20 saved. Whoop-de-do.

See, Amazon’s purpose in Prime is to get us to spend more of our money (duh). If we know we’ll get free 2-day shipping from their site on a lot of things, we’d probably buy more from Amazon than other companies.

Same goes for our diapers purchases. If we know we already paid $79/year to save some money, we won’t buy diapers anywhere else. Even if the price for buying elsewhere is a little lower, we wouldn’t want to waste our discount, now would we?

Prime does include some other new benefits, such as streaming TV shows and movies, and a free book rental per month if you have a Kindle.

This service could replace your cable bill or Netflix, depending on if it has titles you’d use.

I do have a Kindle, and the free book rental might be an extra nice perk for me. Except, I already have tons of free Kindle books waiting for me to read, and my public library offers lots of titles to borrow. I have not been impressed with the free-to-borrow titles via the Prime program.

What do you think? Is paying for Amazon Prime worth it to you? Do you use the side benefits (streaming TV, Kindle rentals, fast shipping)?

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12 Responses to “Is Amazon Mom Prime worth it anymore?”

  1. We happily pay for Prime. Being able to get things within 2 days is very handy for us. Amazon sells many things that we cannot get locally (we’re about 45 minutes from the “big city”.)

    I used to buy all my nursing school textbooks at Amazon (no tax AND cheaper) and they came in 2 days. Most of our Christmas shopping is done via Amazon and now that I’m making an effort with swagbucks, I get the Amazon gift cards. I do have a Kindle so I’m able to do one book/month on the borrow program. I have $13 in video credits so I may stream a few tv shows as well.

    I got the Mom email too, although I’m not sure how I became a member.
    jennifer´s last post ..I think winter is finally going to arrive.

  2. Sounds like it’s definitely worth it to you, Jennifer! I do order a lot from Amazon and it is nice to have quick shipping.

    The no-tax thing could change, if legislators get their way.

  3. Wow. What a bunch of crap. That was like a big tease!

    I have considered doing the Prime program, but the $79 is a nice chunk of change at one time, so I usually just do the free shipper savings. The stuff comes fast enough, and I save money on shipping.

    PS- I HATE those stupid Luvs commercials.
    Mrs. Money´s last post ..Gluten Free Pancake Recipe

  4. are Luvs really that much at stores? online it looks like a box of size 5’s Luvs is .23/diaper. that’s just their normal every day price. with coupons or sales it would be better. I don’t remember paying much at all for them when I buy them.
    Jes´s last post ..Time for a change

  5. Jes — I can’t really remember! I need to price-scout some of this.

    Previously, I had the 30% discount that made the box $24ish, and per diaper was like .16e. That’s a pretty good deal and I didn’t have to worry about coupons or sales.

  6. Looks like Amazon has been busy “Commenting” under assumed names here.

  7. We are currently enjoying 1 month of free prime because we got a kindle fire for Christmas. We still haven’t decided if we will continue, we have borrowed 1 book, and watched 2 movies since Christmas. I am very curious what others say! Oh and we have benefited from the 2-day shipping twice.

  8. D — nah, I think most of the commenters you’re talking about have been here before.

  9. Jennifer — I think if you are getting good use out of it, then it’s worth it! Depends on what Kindle books are available at your library, and what movies you are able to view, I think.

  10. I got the same e-mail and am on the fence. Our kids are about 6 months behind yours age-wise. 2.5 y/o boy and 4 month old girl. We don’t watch a lot of movies and I have books piled up to the sky, so the monthly rental isn’t worth much to me. Ultimately I don’t think we’re going to do it either.
    Nick´s last post ..The $18,000 iPod

  11. I get Luv’s from Amazon too, also size 5. I think it comes to $26.59 per box. I will not pay for Prime. My boy is 3 now too and needs to be potty trained but he shows no interest. I will clip coupons and buy them at the store from now on. Prime is just like paying for a club membership, just $40 more. Good luck to you.

  12. i just did the calculations and Amazon mom is still kind of worth it.
    Today I purchased a box of swaddlers 210 count at Sams Club which is the cheapest price of any brick and mortar store. The price was $40 plus .07 sales tax which is $42.80.
    Amazon has the same diapers available with no tax and the quantity is 235 not 210. So a bigger box for $37.75 w/no tax and free shipping. Average price per diaper from sams is .19 cents x 25 extra diapers is $4.76.
    $4.76 + $2.25 = $7.01 savings per box when purchasing on Amazon vs. at Sam’s club.
    If you purchase about 1 box per month it takes roughly 11 months to realize the savings when you pay $79. So you get one month of a savings and if you want to factor in that they give you a fews months free with Amazon mom. It’s an okay deal. If there is anything such as a movie or kindle that you download it might make it more worth it. Usually I just buy over $25 worth of stuff from Amazon so I get free shipping anyway. Just my opinion but Amazon should up the incentive to join this program. Why not make it $59 per year for care givers Amazon?

    Your bean counters did all the calculations and so did I above, there isn’t much incentive here join mom/prime.

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