Jan 04 2012

Some plans and goals for 2012


There’s a few things I’m really stinking at lately, and I’d like to make some permanent improvements. What better time to make goals than around the new year? And so what if I’m a few days late with my list? This year, I want to be more deliberate. Deliberate with my time, purchases, and actions. Most urgently, I need to be more efficient with time on the computer and with housework.


– Sock away 15% of our income — Shane’s and my own — to our retirement accounts.

– Save a chunk (still deciding how much) to Johnny and Vivie’s 529 accounts.

– Determine how to budget our extra income.

– Identify and implement 3 new ways to save money.


– I STINK at managing my time for housekeeping tasks. Stink at it. I need to come up with some sort of system I’ll actually follow to get the major housekeeping stuff done. I want to automate and streamline as much as I can to make the best use of my time.

– I want to have better mornings, where I actually wake up refreshed. Ya know? Some of that does hinge on my own kids having a good night’s sleep, so that I can have a chance of sleeping, too. In that vein, I want to be better about going to bed at a decent time every night.


– I just purchased ProBlogger’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog* (try coupon code FWOB33 to save $10) and I’m going to work my way through it. I hope that in doing so, your experience here will improve and I’ll have a renewed focus on what this blog is all about.

– Create specific blog task list and blog schedule. This should keep me focused and help make the most of my time.

– Be on the computer less. I want to spend less time online and I want the time I spend here to really count.


– Read, but not too much. I feel like if I aim for a large number of books read this year, I’ll reach it. I love to read. I just don’t want to be reading so much, and working toward my arbitrary reading goal, that other things are neglected because of it. I’m going to read books on my Shelfari list when I can, and hope that’s a good enough goal.

– More intentional time with the kids. More time reading, more one-on-one playing. Don’t know how to quantify this one, but I’d like to improve it.

– Identify some cool things to do in the Indy metro (suggestions, anyone?) and go do them with my family. Some things already include visiting Conner Prairie (thanks to a gift membership, woo hoo!), the free art museum, the zoo, the county fair…yeah it will be fun to brainstorm some things to do in our new town. Will be even more fun to do those things!

– Go on some dates with my husband. And plan some at-home date nights. I thought moving back to Indiana would mean tons of babysitting opportunities, but we haven’t really gone out on a date yet. Need to get that coordinated with the family. If they don’t wanna do it, ok fine. I’ll hire someone.

– Update my wardrobe so that it suits me better. I want to have a closet of things I love. Right now, I have a few things that I really like a lot — but mostly it’s just “ok” for me. I figure, if you have to buy clothing, why spend any money at all if you don’t love it?

Hopefully, I can improve on these things and have a better 2012 than I would have otherwise.

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10 Responses to “Some plans and goals for 2012”

  1. Great tasks, realistic ones.
    As far as “spending less time on computer”, all you have to do is define specific computer hours in a day, that works out well for me, and the ability of not getting addicted to it.
    Aviran L´s last post ..בניית אתרים

  2. There’s nothing wrong with being a few days late :) Actually, who cares when you make goals, I think the more important thing is just making them. And I’ve read that when you write them down, they become more tangible and doable. Good luck!

  3. I find that the “spending less time at the computer” thing is really helped by setting a timer. For example, sometimes I just set one for 30 minutes — and after that, I go do other tasks. Otherwise, I could sit for hours researching ideas, reading blog posts, etc. I’m Jewish, and though I don’t keep the Sabbath (when you aren’t supposed to do work, according to Jewish law), my husband and I frequently make Saturday a no-screen day to help relieve my tired eyes — especially because I do spend a lot of time on the computer at work.

  4. Indy: Children’s museum, Holiday Park (near Butler) Northwest part (near Zionsville but in Carmel 116th? 110th? street?), Greenway in Zionsville for long walks, cafe patachou (3 or so locations) where anything on the real food menu comes kid sized (owned by a Mom) the library (all kinds of great free stuff and programs)
    Lisa´s last post ..Comfort watching

  5. forgot: Go down to the canal, walk or rent a paddle boat. Great place!
    Lisa´s last post ..Comfort watching

  6. Let us know how you like ProBlogger’s book – I’ve toyed with buying that before – so I’m interested in a review from someone I trust!
    Laura Stiller´s last post ..Goals for 2012

  7. We have a lot of the same goals! I’ve tried the timer trick on the computer, and I’m trying to find some friends and neighbors that want to trade babysitting for date nights.
    Gina´s last post ..4 Ways to Wield Your Consumer Power

  8. “Do you calculate your net worth?” No, when you are 50 and you have sense enough not to do things that could make you suicidal! I hope all the youngsters reading her are listening to Kacie’s great advice so you don’t end up like me at 50–suddenly trying to do the right thing before you face having to work in Depends and live off generic cat food……
    Lisa´s last post ..Comfort watching

  9. Lisa — there’s still time to make improvements!

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