Dec 30 2011

Things are falling apart, but it’ll be ok thanks to our extended warranty


Earlier this week, we had our first real snowfall. It was maybe 2″, nothing crazy. I went out to shovel the walkway and get a quick burst of exercise, and I saw our mailbox at the end of the driveway. It was laying in the grass. What. I also spotted tire tracks leading from the street, to my mailbox, up my driveway a few feet, then back into the street.

It would have been nice if the driver rang my doorbell to apologize and make it right.

I live in a neighborhood with an HOA (and I don’t mind that, so far), but as such, everyone’s mailbox needs to be uniform. So, I contacted the company that handles our mailboxes. They’re out of the office until Tuesday. Not sure when I’ll get a new box or what it will cost. Surely it will cost less than my homeowner’s insurance deductible!

So…I’ve been going to the post office to pick up our mail.


Second — our car is in the repair shop. Again.

It was in the shop a month or so ago for a computer issue. Now, it’s in the shop for a different computer issue. The current problem could have caused the first problem.

Good news: Our car is still under extended warranty, and will be until May (we have a 6-year, 60,000 mile warranty). It’s not the first time we’ve had to use it, either. We’ve already used it for a shock problem and an alternator problem, and a few tows and jump-starts.

I really hope the car isn’t starting to just be old and have problems. It’s only 5.5 years old and has a mere 45,000 miles! We want to get another 10 years out of it, at least.

So. This part that we need. The guy at the dealership is telling me that the part has not been manufactured yet. Excuse me? I guess after-market parts do exist for this, but that wouldn’t be covered under the warranty. Oh, and the part will be made in Spain, and that will take extra time to get here.

First of all, I didn’t know Ford had a parts factory in Spain. And secondly, why don’t they have enough parts already made? I do plan to call Ford headquarters to confirm what the guy at the local dealership is telling me. It’s a weird.

The dealership is setting us up with a rental car from a rental car company. For a month. So that part is good, because that would stink for us to have to rent a car that long.

Our auto policy, I have now confirmed, does indeed cover rentals in this instance. We have the same coverage and same deductibles for this rental as we do for our own vehicle. Whew! The car rental agency was trying to sell me a $15 or $16/day insurance policy. Since we need this rental for probably a month, that’s like $400 in insurance. No thanks!

If our own car insurance didn’t cover this, I’d want the dealership to pay up.

We had to give the car rental place our credit card as a hold for damages. Our card does offer some insurance coverage, but I don’t know if it’s full coverage or just small incidental stuff.

I’m going to get in touch with Ford to see about extending our extended warranty and what that might cost. So far, it has definitely been worth it to us to have. We’ll have to see what options are available and weigh the cost vs. self-insuring and using our emergency fund to cover future repairs and car rentals.

Do you have an extended warranty? Has it been worth it to you? And has someone ever taken out your mailbox?

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4 Responses to “Things are falling apart, but it’ll be ok thanks to our extended warranty”

  1. too bad your mailbox didn’t have an extended warranty! :) Our friends took out our mailbox back in August, we went out and wiggled it back into the hole a bit, it’s leans and will fall over quite easily if someone pushed on it, but oh well. :) We don’t have a home owners association to yell at us about it so we’re not too concerned. We will have to fix it before moving out, because I wouldn’t want to leave our awesome landlord with that!

    and i WISH our van would have come with a warranty! we’ve learned though and no more buying without insisting it comes with something, even 30 days!
    Jes´s last post ..Winners

  2. Yes. Our mailbox has been taken out by a car. It was while our neighborhood was under construction. The 1st time my son saw it happen at 6:30 am ( on his way to catch school bus). The driver when approached denied it at first but then agreed to fix it. The 2nd time it happened I approached the construction foreman and he said ” How do you know it was one of us?” my neighbor was with him and said ” You know it was your people because I saw it happen and told you about it” so both times it was replaced. Whew. I was able to repay my neighbor when I saw teenagers bash his in the middle of the night for sport ( brats!)…I do live in a nice neighborhood but it sure doesn’t sound like it here!
    Also, Warranties have become much more valuable than ever. I don’t think my parents ever had anything fixed under warranty. But in the last 5 years I have had an expensive dishwasher motor and a recumbent bike computer board and treadmill part all fixed thanks to the warranty and saving my reciept. With the internet it is so easy to register a product.
    Happy New Year!

  3. My parent’s old mailbox took out the side of my car, does that count? My dad finally moved the mailbox after it mauled a potential buyer’s car when they were trying to sell the house.

    Last year the neighbor’s lawn care guys did a lovely job of clearing their driveway, then took the mailbox with them on the last pass. They paid for the fix AND didn’t charge them for shoveling the drive. That was classy.

  4. Our mailbox has been taken out 3 times…yes that says 3! We live on a long straight street that leads to a school…many people view the street as a long driveway and FLY up our street. The first one was taken out by a dad leaving the school after a baseball game…said he just wasn’t paying attention!!! Hit the mailbox so hard, he knocked it about 40 feet into the neighbor’s yard…sounded like a gun shot when he hit it. Fortunately, he paid for the new one. The second one was done by a mom leaving school who was not feeling well and was swerving on the street…she did not pay for it, as I never actually found out who it was…but she took out 2 mailboxes in total. And the final one happened to be taken out by a woman I knew…but she didn’t bother to tell me until after a month and then it took another 3+months for her to pay me back for the new mailbox. All three times the box was hit so hard it had to be replaced!!! UGH! Just a little piece of advice…you may want to report it to your local police dept. Our department keeps record of it and it is data used in determining if there needs to be more monitoring on our street. We have had over 12 mailboxes taken out on our street in the last 10 years.

    With respect to the extended warranty…for us…it was totally worth it! Due to our extended warranty we were covered for a new transmission, a gas pump and an alternator. Definitely look in to it. Car repairs can be so expensive!

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