Dec 26 2011

Facebook me…and toy overload


Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and are having a relaxing week before the new year. We’re coming off of the kids’ birthday party and Christmas. Pre-birthday party, our toy level was fine. Now, we have way too much. We sorted through and got rid of some things, weeded out infant toys and took an additional bin to one of their grandparent’s house for them to use while they are there. It’s still a bit overwhelming to me.

The playroom is pretty well organized but I want to get some more shelves or bins or something. I’m also now putting a few toys in their bedrooms to play with while upstairs.

For toys that have lots of small pieces or are otherwise messy, they go in a closet so I can be sure to supervise their play.

And now, I’m considering rotating some toys in and out. Do you have a system in place for something like this? How do you do it? I want them to enjoy their toys without being overwhelmed by the sheer number.

Lastly — this site is now on Facebook. I know, I know…I’m really late with this. Humor me and “like” my site over there please? I’m planning to post smaller tidbit updates and deals I come across (without it being too deal-heavy, just the ones I’m doing myself) and photos and whatnot.

[Oh and one other thing — I’m featured in this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Money Cactus]

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4 Responses to “Facebook me…and toy overload”

  1. We had a toy rotation in place when my kids were younger. Our basement had a playroom. So we rotated from basement, to main level, to second floor (bedrooms). It worked pretty well. Sometimes (I still do) I will pull out a toy completely for awhile and introduce it a month or so later.

  2. I did this with my son’s toys a few months ago. I kept out his big trucks for him to play with daily since they are his favorites and they are too big for the boxes I have. All other toys, with few exceptions, got placed into one of seven boxes and labeled for each day of the week. He’s learning to read the days of the week and there’s a reasonable number of toys out at once. It’s working pretty well so far. There are days he gets the wrong box, on purpose, if he doesn’t want the toys from that day.

    What didn’t fit in them, got stuffed away in an old suitcase. I think we’re going to take some to the orpahnage next month so he can bless others. And it fits in with the second lesson in Financial Peace Jr…which we are starting this week.

  3. I like the idea of a box per day of the week, and also some toys that are available all the time

  4. I love Ikea’s toy storage system, the trofast series. I don’t personally own any, but I’ve been eying them up for years. Just looks like a good way to store toys! Oh, and we are pretty overrun with toys here too, our toyroom is upstairs and the only other thing up there is the girls room, so I don’t see the mess or mass amounts of toys too often. I went through before Christmas and weeded out some that weren’t played with and we don’t have as many toys as some people I know, but I still feel like there is more than they could play with!

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