Dec 05 2011

How I’m giving extra to my church, local schools, and college. Painlessly!


When finances are tight, you might wish you had more in your budget to give to charity or to your church. Even if the money is flowing freely, I think it’s always great to be generous to charities. So when I found out there was a way to give my church an extra bit of money, I wanted to learn more.

Turns out, there’s an arrangement with Kroger that will give 3% of my purchases to my church. Our church has that money earmarked specifically for short-term missions.

Let me explain.

Our church has Kroger gift cards for us to use. It’s a gift card you load up with money — not the same as your keytag that you scan to get the sale prices (you can still do that). You add money to the gift card at the customer service desk, or you can add money at checkout for next time. I believe there’s a slight delay for how quickly the funds are available — something like 5 minutes or so. Double-check if you do this.

Say I go to the customer service desk and add $100. Three percent of that will be donated to my church. Yeah, $3 isn’t that much, but over the course of the year I spend plenty at the grocery store, and at the Kroger gas station, and it does add up.

Combine my 3% earned with all of the other families at church, and next thing we know, there’s a bunch of extra money for mission work. Painless and beneficial! This program is available at my grandma’s church here in town too, but I don’t know how widespread it is. Still, it’s worth looking into.

Another perk is if I load my shopping budget on that gift card, I might be more likely to stay in budget instead of go a little over. I’ve been pretty stinky about the grocery budget lately, what with my unfun restrictive food diet and poor self-discipline and all.

Money for local schools

Besides this cash-back-to-church program, I can also participate in the Labels for Education program and Boxtops 4 Education where a few points can accumulate to the local schools. Even if you don’t have kids in the public schools, better schools benefits the community. We’re tax payers, by golly, and it’s in everyone’s best interest for the schools to do well. Right?

Money for college

In addition to that, I can have my Kroger card linked to Upromise to add a few extra pennies to my own kids’ college savings. I never seem to purchase anything that earns points, but once in awhile I do. I hope that by the time one of my kids is in college, it’ll be enough to buy a textbook. Heh. But seriously, every penny counts and it’s painless on my part, so why not?

Do you participate in any programs like this? Tell me more!


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One Response to “How I’m giving extra to my church, local schools, and college. Painlessly!”

  1. I haven’t heard of that Kroger program! I’m going to email someone at our church now! What a FANTASTIC program and idea!! Also, Way to go with the 100% emergency fund bar filled up :). What’s the next savings goal? College? That might be a painful little bar for a while!

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