Nov 30 2011

When 0% financing really isn’t…and our new bed, and some stock stuff


Last Friday, Shane and I made a purchase that we have wanted for several years — a king size bed. We had a queen (thanks to Bob Barker and The Price is Right) but I’m a violent sleeper and Shane is sorta, too. We need more space! It was hard to consider that purchase when we were living in small apartments, just for fitting it in the room and also moving the thing.

But no more. We went to an Indianapolis mattress manufacturer and got a latex foam bed and it was delivered this morning. Love that thing already!

The salesman offered us 24 months of 0% financing. O really?

“Is there any incentive for paying in full?”

“Yes, there’s a 10% discount.”

So really, the 0% financing is a flat 10% rate. If we went with that option, even if we paid it off early, there would be no additional financial incentive to do so. We’d be locked in at that price.

We opted to save that 10% and put the balance on our credit card (earning 1% cash back) and will pay that sucker off when we get the bill, as we already have the funds earmarked for it.

The salesman offered to include a free set of bedsheets, but I wanted the mattress protector instead so he swapped that out (even though that was a higher retail price, hah!). That will help keep my warranty, not to mention help with dust mites and stuff.

Part of our bed fund came from some stock that Shane received at his previous company as a bonus. Owning individual shares of stock hasn’t been a fun experience. We’ve seen that stock go up and down wildly with the market. Any time anything crazy happened with the stock market, that individual stock went bonkers, too. Europe having financial problems? Stock tanked. Arg. The company is a Fortune 200 company and has done well in the economy, and is regarded as a good pick by stock analysts.

Even so, it’s not immune to stock market panic attacks.

We wanted to sell right around the time we were buying our house. We were getting the paperwork in order, and then the debt crisis thing hit and the silly stock dropped like $30/share. WHAT. So we held. Buy low, sell high, right?

It’s back up to where it was before, + or – a few dollars. Time to sell. It had a small amount of dividends and we held it for a few quarters so that’ll boost the overall earnings.

I don’t think we plan on owning individual shares of stock in the future. Too volatile and if you need the money in the near future, it’s just too big of a question mark.

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Nov 22 2011

So thankful…and what I’m up to lately


Last year, I was largely pregnant with Vivienne. Our Thanksgiving plans were to have a nice, simple meal with our then family of 3. I ordered a heat & eat dinner from a restaurant in Mt. Lebanon, PA (Atria’s, for you locals). I simply had no energy or interest to cook a meal. It was tasty and did the trick.

This year, we will enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner with Shane’s extended family. We’ll drive down the day of, and spend a little more than an hour in the van each way. That’s it. Such a change from last year and years before!

We are so incredibly blessed and thankful for all He has given us. I can’t even list it all here, it would be too much.


I haven’t forgotten about the retirement topic that we had been discussing here on the blog in recent weeks. I’m working on a (free) eBook type of guide since I didn’t think many of you would be interested in a huge series on the topic. This way, if you are interested, you can download it and read at your leisure. I hope to have it completed soon (whatever that means).


There are a number of home-improvement type projects that I’d like to tackle this winter, including some painting, the laundry/mud room overhaul and … more painting, probably. We need to make some lists and decide exactly what we want to accomplish and figure out the order of the projects. Looking forward to sharing the before & after pictures here.


Vivienne will turn 1 on Dec. 17, and Jonathan will turn 3 on Dec. 20. Weeee! We’re having a combined party for them, just a little family thing. I’m doing a theme in the way of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Thank you, Pinterest, for lots of great ideas in that regard.

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