Oct 30 2011

Our new desk


We had first purchased a cheapo desk at Target a few weeks ago. It looked like it would fit what we wanted in a desk…except when we opened the box there was a big crack on one side. That’s a feature on our “do not want” list.

I think it was $60 or $65.

My husband decided to keep a close eye on craigslist to see if anything nice popped up. It took a few weeks, and he found a desk that would fit the space, was the color we wanted, it was made with wood (and a leather inlay on top), and it was already put together. Win!

He picked it up over his lunch hour for $50.

It’s not in perfect condition. Plenty of scuffs and little dings here and there. Some Murphy’s soap helped the cause. It’s an older desk and it looks it’s part. We can refinish it later if we want to, or we can get some of those wood pens that can hide scratches.

For $50, I don’t really mind. For the money, you can usually get a way better piece of furniture used than you can brand-new.

We just need an adjustable office chair and maybe a little lamp to finish it off.

For the rest of the room, we need an area rug and a cozy reading chair. Making progress!

[Playing on my laptop in the photo for your enjoyment is one video that never ever ever gets old in our house.]

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9 Responses to “Our new desk”

  1. Love the desk. It looks perfect in the space and the price sure can’t be beat! Oh, and I love those furniture pens!

    We were given a 4 piece dresser bedroom set from a friend of the family who had gotten a new set. We cleaned it well and then used one of those furniture pens on all the scuff marks. Looks almost like new now!

    Funniest part is that the friend that gave us the set saw it after we fixed it up. She couldn’t even believe that it was her old set. Sure got her thinking that she should have fixed it up and kept it herself!

  2. It looks great! I think it’s perfect for that space.

  3. So cute! It looks exactly like a desk I found on CL, fixed up and sold again. Do the bottom two handles go to one large drawer on either side?
    I LOVE CL!!!

  4. Yeah one side has a fake “door” and instead it’s deep enough for files. I love the storage!

  5. Awesome find! Gotta love Craigslist!

  6. Ok what is that video? Very strange!

  7. Nice! I have one that is similar that I picked up from someones front yard for $30! Love my desk!

  8. Ericka — I really don’t know. It’s just some guy from a long time ago, singing a happy song ? It just cracks me up!

  9. Have to love craigslist! $50 for a piece of solid wood is such a great deal…and someday if you decide you want to refinish it and put on different hardware or whatever that would be a totally easy and relatively cheap thing to do. So it seems like your house doesn’t have nearly as many little projects as our house but I’ve started reading this girls blog recently and thought you might enjoy it as well. She has totally great/cheaper ideas on ways to remodel some of the things in my house that are driving me crazy.


    Gotta love the internet. Want to learn how to paint something…chances are someone else has done it, learned and can totally teach you for free :)

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