Oct 30 2011

Our new desk


We had first purchased a cheapo desk at Target a few weeks ago. It looked like it would fit what we wanted in a desk…except when we opened the box there was a big crack on one side. That’s a feature on our “do not want” list.

I think it was $60 or $65.

My husband decided to keep a close eye on craigslist to see if anything nice popped up. It took a few weeks, and he found a desk that would fit the space, was the color we wanted, it was made with wood (and a leather inlay on top), and it was already put together. Win!

He picked it up over his lunch hour for $50.

It’s not in perfect condition. Plenty of scuffs and little dings here and there. Some Murphy’s soap helped the cause. It’s an older desk and it looks it’s part. We can refinish it later if we want to, or we can get some of those wood pens that can hide scratches.

For $50, I don’t really mind. For the money, you can usually get a way better piece of furniture used than you can brand-new.

We just need an adjustable office chair and maybe a little lamp to finish it off.

For the rest of the room, we need an area rug and a cozy reading chair. Making progress!

[Playing on my laptop in the photo for your enjoyment is one video that never ever ever gets old in our house.]

Oct 27 2011

In which the grocery budget goes out the window, maybe


I’ve been trying to get to the root of some health issues for awhile. I want to feel well. Wake up refreshed. Sleep well. Get out of the fog. BE WELL. It’s a bit of a challenge to actually find answers, but I think I’m making some progress.

My doctor ran a battery of blood tests, and among the findings, I have a number of food sensitivities. They are, in order of most sensitive to least: wheat, casein (protein in cow’s milk), eggs, soy, gluten, and baker’s yeast.

Aw, man. That’s a bulk of what I eat.

I’m a bit surprised at the results, because I didn’t have any obvious digestive problems. Food sensitivities can manifest in a variety of ways, I’m learning.

The doctor has a nutritionist in his practice, and she is working with me so I can eat well and start the healing process in my body.

I’m trying to process all of this. Kind of hard to since my brain is so foggy anymore.

I do know that my sensitivities might not be life-long. In fact, I might be able to heal relatively quickly and will be able to add those foods back to my diet in a short period of time. I hope so.

I understand my grocery budget might go crazy in the meantime.

That’s ok.

It’s temporary, and if I can heal and be well, then it’s money well spent.

I’m encouraged because I have a number of friends who have been down this road in some form or another, and they can help me sort this stuff out. Thank you!

My friend, Susan, has a bit of experience with dietary stuff and she even put together a week-long menu, keeping my specific needs in mind. Some items I’ll need to make a trip to Trader Joe’s to pick up, or even scout out online for a good price. But I was surprised, because she made it seem fairly simple and it’s definitely going to be more on budget than what I was expecting.

It will be interesting to see what happens to my food spending. It might not change much actually, if by replacing off-limits items with things I can enjoy, and cutting out all the junk (which isn’t a lot, but it is expensive junk), and probably avoiding restaurants altogether for awhile. Maybe I can figure out some safe restaurant choices for me. Maybe not.

I’m looking forward to seeing how I’m feeling in a few weeks as my body starts to adjust to my new diet. Maybe I’ll see immediate results, maybe it’ll take awhile. I’ve never been on any sort of diet before and I’m not sure what it will feel like.

This isn’t a food blog (and never will be) so I’ll keep any updates over yonder at my personal blog. I just wanted to raise the point here that sometimes you’ve gotta be prepared to spend some money on your health, and it’s ok.

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