Sep 16 2011

Ideas for these areas?


This room is noted as the “living room” on the MLS sales sheet, but it’s hardly so. There is a separate family room for us to have our couch and easy chairs and TV. This living room is probably more a den or an office. Not sure what the official definition is of a “den.” Maybe a room that can be totally closed off? I don’t know. Anyway, the room is roughly 12×12 and is a bit awkward to configure because of the double doors, large windows and wall toward the stairs.

I think we will get a desk or two for this room and make it an office.

Then here is the foyer. The playpen doesn’t live here, it was just there for the photo and I didn’t bother to move it. It’s a big area that could be semi-functional, maybe with shelves or something, or it could be just pretty. The door you see is for a storage closet.

This is our dining room, but we’re using it as a playroom since it is in the right location and can be closed off with the double doors and a baby gate. Just need some things for the wall and maybe a larger area rug. One of our favorite rooms!

I hope to have some decent ‘after’ photos to share after awhile! It’s going to take some time but it’s fun. Thanks to you who commented on a previous post sharing some links for inspiring blogs.

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  1. Hey! I love those rooms! Your house looks great. For the blank walls in front of/beside the stairs you should look for some pieces of furniture (table, dresser, etc…) that you can paint a statement color to give a nice “pop” to the room. If you want to do neutrals you could do a nice black or whatever. I like color and I love the look when someone does a really bright painted piece on a blank wall. In my entry way I have a smallish table with drawers at the top that I got at a garage sale for $20. It’s not the most solid piece (some plywood) but since it’s more for looks and not going to be used a great deal I didn’t care. I didn’t paint it but the “wood” is pretty.
    In our play room (our dining room too) I got some inexpensive bookshelves ($20/each) from Ikea that we mounted to the wall (for safety). And then we put books and toys in them for storage. It looks nice with the brightly colored books and toys and it provides a lot of storage. I put the nicer books and “messier” toys at the top and the board books and less messy toys at the bottom. We also did this in our living room for a few books and toys.
    I also have a cabinet in our playroom for art supplies and our old tv is on it even though we haven’t set it up yet. :)
    Shelves are great for toys and it makes for a really easy cleanup.
    If you want to hide the toys you can look for a wardrobe (there are tons on CL and at auctions) that can easily have a coat of paint for an updated look or left plain as well.
    Have you found some fun blogs? Here are a few I like:
    Have fun!

  2. For the “living room” I would do an office. For the foyer I would add a bench and maybe a shelf type unit- there are a ton of these sort of things on pinterest :)

  3. You have a beautiful home! There are going to be many happy family memories made there :) Maybe in the LR have one desk but cozy it up with a few comfy chairs and maybe some short bookcases on the wall with the stairs for a reading “nook”? I think the foyer could use a mirror with some type of table with drawers/baskets for storage of shoes, gloves, scarves, etc. and a place to set things when you come in. Maybe a scentsy or potpourri so you are greeted with a nice aroma when you walk in?

  4. oh, and the DR as a playroom is perfect for this time in your kids lives. So nice to be able to keep an eye on them from the kitchen!

  5. I agree with Cheryl about the foyer area. I was totally thinking a mirror and a dresser or drawer unit. A perfect place to set keys, purse, etc. And then there’s storage for hats and gloves in the drawers. Oh, and I’d plop a plant or two on top, kind of helps create a welcoming feeling when you come in!

    Also, depending on how much room you have, maybe a chair or a bench.

    For the playroom, we use those 9-cube storage shelving units. They are perfect for storing toys, keeping toy sets together in canvas drawers, stacking shoe boxes with small toys, and for using some of the cubes for books standing upright or contained in smaller baskets.

    Oh and for the playroom, I’d definitely suggest a large area rug. So much more comfy and a softer landing for when the kiddos get a little too wild, lol.

    Good luck with your new home and decorating :)

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