Sep 08 2011

Our AC broke the day we closed. Really!?


We’re here! We’ve moved into our house and it has gone mostly well, except for one little hiccup. The air conditioner broke the day we closed. It was like 98 degrees that day or something sweaty. I thought maybe we’d at least have a chance to spend the night in our house before something broke, but nope!

The sellers paid for a home warranty, and so we called ’em up to file a claim. I hoped they wouldn’t give us any trouble, seeing as we had barely finished writing our names a billion times on the mortgage paperwork. And yep, they were great about it and a repair person was there a few hours later. Whew!

Our move went well. Shane moved mostly everything, and had some help for the heaviest of items. We didn’t end up renting a truck like we originally planned. Instead, we packed stuff into our minivan, our car, and Shane’s dad’s pickup truck. We could take the second row of seats out of the van easily to get a lot more stuff inside. It wasn’t even that many there-and-back trips.

After a 350-mile move, I think the in-town move was much easier, especially since we left a lot of boxes still packed.

We cleaned just about everything before really bringing our stuff in. Most of the stuff stayed in the garage. My parents cleaned the fridge, which was no small task. The previous people left it a mess inside. It was filthy underneath, too, and when my folks took it away from the wall to clean behind it, they found 3 matchbox cars and a bunch of magnets and hair ties and cat hair. Ick.

I gave the carpets a good scrub with our carpet cleaner (still happy with it, but do be certain that the dirty-water bin is on tightly if you own one, or it won’t suction the water back up properly). My mom cleaned the bathrooms and we all took turns chasing Vivienne. Johnny was pretty easy to keep track of, but Viv is all motion without a plan. It’s the Crazy Stage.

My grandma brought lunch over for everyone one day. Shane’s dad fixed a too-short step in the garage. My dad swept out the garage. My sister held Viv for a bit. Shane’s mom helped chase kids for awhile while we could unpack and stuff. Closing on the house took 2 hours (!) and again, Shane’s dad helped chase the kids. It truly was a family effort and I’m really thankful for all of their help!

We still have some unpacking to do, but it’s not a lot. It’s going to take awhile for me to figure out how to best organize the kitchen so it is the most functional I can get it.

Overall, I am so glad we’re here. And I take back the negative stuff I said about two-story houses. Stairs are sort of a pain and maybe a hazard, but it is great having Vivienne nap on the second floor while we go about our business without having to be super-quiet. I think with the right layout, a one-story house could offer the same benefit. But still. All I’m saying is I’m glad we ended up with this house, stairs and all.

Oh, I have a rose bush! I hope I can encourage it to keep on giving pretty blooms. See: 

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6 Responses to “Our AC broke the day we closed. Really!?”

  1. Congratulations!!! I hope you have better luck with inherited rose bushes than I have had :)

  2. The first three times I moved in college, the a/c was broken on move-in day. What in the world? ! I’m glad you got it fixed quickly, though :) Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! What?? A Cat and no milk jug rings under that fridge?? So happy for you!

  4. Congratulations! So happy you are finally in!!
    Enjoy your new digs!

  5. I had to pass this on to my daughter! She bought her first home in July. During the home inspection everything worked. The day she moved in she loaded the dishwasher and nothing. Yep, it was broken. And, luckily, the seller had provided a Home Warranty too. The new one is due this week (it was way beyond repair). Congratulations on your new home!

  6. Yeah, life happens and things break, I guess! I am glad we could get it fixed quickly, and glad your daughter, Pat, could get her new dishwasher!

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