Aug 05 2011

7 quick takes


1. We just got our response from the sellers on the inspection findings…still working things out.

2. The stock market. Whoops! Falling apart before our very eyes. We aren’t concerned about our retirement accounts because that’s a long ways away, but for people closer to retirement I hope their investments aren’t stock-heavy.

3. However. We do own 18 shares of stock from Shane’s old company. We were planning on selling it some time this year, but now I think we’ll hold off. Since we don’t own many shares, our overall loss isn’t that much — roughly $250. Still, I don’t want to sell it at a loss. The company is still doing well, it’s just an effect of the stock market in general, I think. So we’ll wait and sell later. It is still earning dividends which amounts to like $9 every

4. We have two paychecks before closing, and after that, we’ll have four paychecks before our first mortgage payment is due. That will help cash flow quite a bit for not having a rent or mortgage payment due until November! We are closing in early September. We will pay roughly $200-something in interest as “rent” for the month of September while we are living in the house. We could have opted to bring that $200-something less to closing and have our first mortgage payment due October 1. The benefits of that would be less money to bring to closing, and a tiny bit of equity a little bit sooner.

5. Johnny is on the path to potty-training! Earlier this week, he decided he was going to go in the potty. So we let him, of course. He’s finally figured out how to do it and it’s going pretty well. He called his grandparents to tell them the good news and the verbal praise is really helping him. It’s not all done yet by any means — naptime and when we are out are still in the works, as is mastering Number Two. But still, it’s progress and that’s awesome!

6. Vivienne is pulling up on everything now and is starting to cruise. What. I can’t get over her strength and coordination. She’s a super-fast crawler too. She’ll even stand against a wall or a chair or something and just use one hand to balance herself. The girl is just 7.5 months! She keeps us busy.

7. We haven’t been doing much with Groupon* lately, but Shane spotted a deal for a cheap oil change. So we got four oil changes for $10 total, thanks to some of my referral credit covering part of the bill. It was at a dealership. I like saving money on things that you absolutely need done one way or another.

*affiliate link

This is part of Conversation Diary’s 7 Quick Takes.

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  1. Great oil change deal! And, soon you’ll be paying less for diapers!

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