Jul 06 2011

More on our house search


For awhile, we were really consumed with finding a house. Spending hours scouring the online listings, driving through neighborhoods, touring houses. It was a bit exhausting and a little bit frustrating.

We’ve seen a few houses we thought we could see ourselves buying, but we decided against them for one reason or another. We haven’t submitted any offers yet.

One house just didn’t have a big enough yard, and the street in the neighborhood was too busy for what I was hoping for. Plus, on our second look, we could tell that the builder really cut corners in some important areas.

The next house we liked needed a bit of cosmetic work, which is fine for the right price. Unfortunately, that house was just priced way too high for what it was, and since the sellers have only lived there for two years, I doubt they’d be willing to take substantially less than they paid. I’ll watch for more price drops to see if they seem more serious, but I don’t think we’ll do an offer.

Then there was a beautiful house that someone will absolutely love. It’s just not right for us. It’s a two-story and big and nice inside and out. It was priced a little out of reach for us (which I’ve now decided we might at least see some like that, because some houses are just overpriced and there is wiggle room for the price). Based on the comps though, it does seem like it’s priced appropriately. Maybe it’ll sell for a few thousand less than list.

The other thing — I just really don’t want a two-story house. I thought that with the right floor plan, I’d be ok with it, but with little kids it’s just more than I want to deal with. I know we can get gates, but I also don’t want to be at one end of the house doing something with the kids way at another end. Jonathan could open the crank windows in the upstairs bedrooms and that worried me. Maybe there’s a way to babyproof it.

Either way, I want a one-story house.

We’ve narrowed our search to one area of the Indy metro. We know the features we’re seeking. We know how much we can spend. So now, we’ve gotta wait. Our house doesn’t seem to be on the market yet.

Now that we know that, we’ll just sit back and wait for it to go for sale. We’ll check our email updates to see which listings are new and which have price drops. And we’ll spend a little bit of time looking online, just in case we overlooked something.

But we’re not going to spend gobs of time on it right now. There’s no need. We’ll get back to enjoying our day-to-day life in this temporary apartment, trusting that the right thing will come along when the time is right.

Besides, the more time that passes, the more padded our bank account will be. That works!

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2 Responses to “More on our house search”

  1. The right house will come along. We lost the house we were fixated on, even though I felt bullied into offering more than I wanted to. After that we decided to give it a rest for awhile. A couple weeks later a new listing popped up and we decided to just casually check it out. Loved it! Put in an offer and 24 hours later we were under contract. :) I think things happen for a reason, and I’m glad you’re taking your time. Many people rush into it and end up with regrets.

  2. Just be patient. My friends/nephew all say house prices have not come down enough any where in Indy–mostly because (obviously) owners are “underwater” and “upside down” on mortgage and can’t or won’t “give.” The right house will come along and the longer it takes the more $ to put down and to keep in savings and the better you will know the area and know if you really like the area you think you do!

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