Jun 17 2011

June 17


We’ve been in Indianapolis for almost a full month now and I feel like I’m really starting to know my way around, for some areas anyway. Gotta love the city for how easy it is to navigate, even without a GPS!

We’re still touring some houses and I think eventually we’ll find something that works. My realtor pointed me to a new development in Carmel that seems like a cool concept — old-style bungalow floorplans, sustainable materials, and an emphasized community aspect. I called to find out what it costs to get in that neighborhood and was like, “Ok thanks for your time, bye.”

In seeing hundreds of houses online and maybe a dozen in person, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of weird houses out there. People do wacky things to their houses, either from the beginning or over time. I do think it’s fine to customize your home and yard as you see fit, but remember that you might need to undo some things when you go to sell. Or if you’re not going to undo it, to price it accordingly so someone else can go in and change it around.

We probably bought a van. I say “probably” because I’ve only put a hold deposit on it and haven’t signed paperwork, but we should be doing that on Monday and I’ll share more when the deal is done. Didn’t think it would take a month to find it, but with a lot of luck we won’t need to buy another vehicle for a decade or more.

Have a pleasant weekend!

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2 Responses to “June 17”

  1. I’m almost positive that is the same development my mom and her fiance are thinking about.
    Good luck with the house hunt!

  2. It’s different! I went out today to look at it. No yards. Very old urban neighborhood feel. I want a yard of my own, though! There’s another development in Whitestown called Anson that has a similar feel to it, too.

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