Jun 08 2011

A trip to the bakery thrift store


I am lucky enough to live near a bakery thrift store, so we went today to check it out. LOVE IT. It has the junky, sugary stuff (yay? yes, yay.) and also the nutritious, wholesome whole grain organic stuff (YAY).

I bought 2 loaves of organic whole wheat bread, 2 packages of whole wheat bagels, a pack of dinner rolls, a pack of pita pockets, and a box of Nutty Bars and paid $7 something. I can’t remember the individual prices on things, and my receipt didn’t itemize it. Sorry. But I do know that some items were $0.50 or so.

Previously, I had been paying $2.50-$3.50 per fancy pants loaf, so this place is going to save me a lot of money.

We’ve had some bagels and they were soft and tasty. Looking forward to trying the other things.

I put most of it in the freezer, making sure it was double-wrapped.

Check and see if a bakery thrift store is located near you, because there are some deals to be had! If you have the freezer space, you could go infrequently and stock up to save time.

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4 Responses to “A trip to the bakery thrift store”

  1. I find that breads and such keep a lot better in the freezer if you put a paper towel in the bag with them. Otherwise, ice crystals accumulate in the bag, and then make one side of the loaf soggy, but a paper towel absorbs them. You might want to try this if you plan on buying and freezing lots of bakery goods.

  2. Good tip, Jenny! i usually buy a few loaves at a time anyway, and freeze one, but I haven’t heard of the paper towel trick before. It depends on the loaf, but usually I don’t have any soggy problems. Maybe it’s worse for loaves that are only in a bag and not doubled up?

  3. We used to have one near us. Sadly it’s no longer there. Enjoy!

    I like the paper towel idea too! I often by extra loaves when they are on sale. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the idea. I found a Nickles outlet in Washington, not far from where we visit my husband’s grandma frequently. We went this weekend and got 6 loaves/packages of rolls for $5!

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