May 27 2011

Hi! We’re here!


WOOSH it has been a crazy week.

We made it to Indianapolis safely and with minimal tears and problems. Our internet just got hooked up and it’s nice to be back in the online land.

Some miscellany:

– I bid on a hotel using Priceline (after clicking through from Ebates of course) and we paid $50 plus tax for a night in Columbus, Ohio. The hotel had an in-room fireplace and a full kitchen. It was pretty nice! Breakfast was included and we enjoyed make-your-own waffles and eggs & sausage and fruit and the sort. I am SO glad we didn’t try to make the whole drive after a long day of moving and cleaning and stuff.

– Our apartment lease is month-to-month for an extra $100 monthly. When we arrived to sign the lease, it wasn’t listed as such. It was a standard yearly lease. Um. The office assistant even said, “A lot of people just save time and sign now and read later.” Well. Really. How about I read the lease to make sure it is exactly what we agreed to on the phone?

– Indianapolis is so different from Pittsburgh. It’s easy to navigate, since the city is on a grid. I am still getting used to how flat and sprawling everything is.

– It has been amazing seeing family as often as we have! In a week’s time, we’ve seen my parents, Shane’s parents, my grandma, Shane’s aunt, and Shane’s brother and new sister-in-law … just in our apartment! We’ve also seen other family thanks to Shane’s brother’s wedding over the weekend. It’s nice living so close!

– Shane’s commute is 5-7 minutes long, depending on stoplights and if I drive him. If I drive him, he doesn’t have to park which saves an extra minute or two :). It took 7-10 minutes for him just to walk to the train stop in Pittsburgh. It is great seeing him in the morning and having him home so much earlier in the evenings. It feels like we have enough time to actually have a life!

– We toured 4 houses this week. One is decent, the other three were silly. The search continues.

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3 Responses to “Hi! We’re here!”

  1. Welcome to Indianapolis! I live here, too! Hope you get settled in quickly and are able to find the house you’re looking for.

  2. Glad you all made it safely!
    Looking forward to hearing more about your new place and your search for your new home!

  3. Glad you made it in one piece. Good luck on the house hunt!

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