Apr 26 2011

Page 72…or “A window opened”


When God closes a door, He opens a window.

Two weeks ago, we were bummed about not being able to move within Shane’s current company to Louisville. We thought about our options. We could stay in Pittsburgh for a longer time, with his current company. Or we could look for a job outside the company in Louisville or Indianapolis.

We chose to look outside the company, and wouldn’t you know it — Shane has a job! We will be moving to Indianapolis in about three weeks.

When I look back on how all of this played out, I see God’s hand in it for sure. I’m going to spell out the order of events so I can look back on it later.

1. Our daughter was born in December 2010. Not sooner, because that could potentially make it hard to take time off work since he was working on an intensive project. And not after December, because moving while hugely pregnant or with a tiny newborn in the winter would be rough.

2. We had been praying about being able to move back to Indiana for quite some time. At one point in early 2011, my prayer shifted to, “If it’s not Your will that we move to Indiana, please take that desire away from us. We want to be content with what we have.”

3. Almost immediately, we took an ¬†interest in Louisville. The city was much closer to our families than Pittsburgh, and had affordable housing and seemed like a great place to live. So for awhile, Louisville was our target. Shane’s current company has a location at Louisville, and we thought maybe we could transfer there when a job opened up. We thought that there would be a variety of positions he could fill at that location.

4. Shane subscribed to his intra-company job postings list for Louisville. In February, an opening popped up. It seemed to fit his search preferences, but he felt the timing wasn’t quite right. He had received a promotion in November, and wanted time to do some more things in that role first. So he didn’t apply for it.

5. In chatting with a co-worker who works closely with the Louisville office, he learned the coworker was really busy and was hoping they’d create a new job position to help with the workload. She told him potentially it could be Louisville-based. Shane expressed his interest in relocating to Louisville, and the coworker talked with the Louisville hiring boss about how Shane would be a great candidate. She really advocated for him.

6. The Louisville hiring boss, by that time, had interviewed other applicants and was about to extend an offer to someone else. She was at a meeting when she shared that candidate’s name, and some people expressed reservations about that person. She needed to investigate the candidate further. Meanwhile, Shane submitted his resume and had several phone and email conversations with the hiring boss. He was then determined to be the top candidate for the position and they were ready to give him an offer — no interview required! Shane also learned that this was THE job he had to take if he wanted to be a part of the Louisville operation. They were restructuring the job descriptions there, and he wouldn’t be qualified for other things. It was this or nothing.

7. Shane approached his boss and the boss’s boss, and the boss’s boss’s boss (who oversees the Pittsburgh and Louisville business and more) to tell them his preferences. Shane’s expertise is unique within the company, and leaving immediately would put the company in a bit of a pickle. At this point, our prayer was, “If it is Your will for us to go to Louisville with this company, make it so. But if not, please have the bosses say ‘no.'” That way, it would be out of our hands. The boss’s boss said he couldn’t approve the transfer, because it would put them in too big of a jam, and the Louisville people could hire that other candidate.

8. We were really let down by all of this. It was a bummer that they told him “no,” while knowing we have a strong geographic preference to get closer to Indiana. We thought we could stay within this company to make that happen, but now it was clear to us that no, if we wanted to move, we’d have to leave the company. If the Louisville job never popped up, Shane wouldn’t have known that Louisville wouldn’t actually be a possibility for quite a bit longer. Since he barely had to do much to almost get a job offer, he got a huge confidence boost and thought maybe it wouldn’t be so hard after all to interview elsewhere. It also renewed our sense of urgency and desire to move.

9. Shane posted his resume on Monster and looked around to see what was available. The next DAY, he received contact from two headhunters and a hiring person in Pittsburgh. He worked with one headhunter about finding job prospects in Indianapolis. There was only one opening in the entire city that fit what Shane was seeking. Again, it’s pretty specific what he’s doing right now.

10. He researched the company some more, reached out to his network to get some input on the company, and decided to apply. His application was submitted on a Monday. On Wednesday, he found out that he would have a phone interview for Friday. On Thursday, he decided it would be best for all if he could be there in person, so he could make his best impression on them, and so he could get a better sense of the company. He had Good Friday off work, but the Indiana business was in the office, so he was able to get over there and interview without using vacation time (or letting his boss know what he was doing). He was originally going to drive, but with gas prices what they are, we decided it wouldn’t be that much more for him to just fly over, so he did.

11. On Good Friday, he had three separate interviews. They went well, and they told him that he’d hear back within a week. Well, maybe an hour after he left, he got a phone call from them telling him they would like to hire him, and that they’d be submitting his offer letter the following week.

12. They submitted their offer and after some failed negotiations (hey, you gotta at least try, right?), Shane accepted.

This all happened just as it needed to. Every step in his career has lead to this point — the experience he received in the past and especially his experience with the big project last year. We would have been ok with Louisville, but God gave us Indianapolis which is even closer to family and has better long-term career opportunities for what Shane is seeking.

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9 ESV)

It has been our prayer this whole time that we do God’s will for our family. If it wasn’t His will for us to move, we wanted Him to take that desire away from us. I think the timing of moving NOW vs. earlier is much better, since the type of job Shane could get earlier would be way different. He has a lot of great experience now, and it’s time to move on.

I will miss Pittsburgh and my Pittsburgher friends so much. I’ve learned a lot about myself while living here. I spent nearly all of my married life here. My children were born here. I will be back to visit someday.

But for now, I will prepare for our move back home to Indiana.

Here is an a capella group from my alma mater singing “Back Home Again, in Indiana.” Here we go! This is really happening!

Apr 21 2011

Cheap bagels


My friend (Hi, Amanda!) came over yesterday for a little bit. She is great with finding deals. She had answered a quick phone survey as instructed on her receipt from Brugger’s Bagels, and wrote down the code for $2 off a $5 purchase.

A baker’s dozen of bagels is $5.99 on Wednesdays there.

So we got a variety of yummy, fresh bagels for a great price!

Combining a coupon with a sale is the way to go. Ya know?

What are some coupon+sale items you’ve found lately?

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