Apr 29 2011

Trying to shed some weight


I just got a quote from a full-service moving company that will load, ship and unload our stuff: $1,700. Yikes. He told me that basically, every 100 lbs. of stuff I wanted to move would be roughly $53.

Clearly it is in our best interest to get rid of as much stuff as we can — especially the heavy junk.

I will get a few more quotes, but that gives me a good starting point anyway.

I intend to sell my Price is Right bed and hopefully I can get a decent offer out of it. The movers said that they are estimating the bed frame to cost about $175 to move, but I think it could be more. It is a heavy bugger!

We’ve been trying to get rid of things over the last year or so anyway, just because we have a small apartment and there’s only so much space to put our junk. I think we’ll want to ramp up those efforts and get rid of whatever we are willing to part with, since it will make our next two moves so much easier.

I’m hoping to do some packing this weekend and wrap up all the little things that we don’t need to have out.

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4 Responses to “Trying to shed some weight”

  1. Wow! That sounds like a lot of money, but I’ve never priced movers. I vote for selling large stuff you can live without and maybe looking on Craigslist when you get to Indy. How exciting!! You’ll be in Indy soon!

  2. So excited for your family! What a wonderful time for you. I’m sure you will be successful in all of your goals…you just seem to be a well organized person. I definitely recommend getting some quotes from some other movers…but bear in mind that cheaper is not always better if they end up damaging or breaking stuff. So in addition to the quotes I would attempt to find a referral/recommendation. You are going to want someone with a good track record for low damages. We moved over 12 times and used the same company every time because in all those moves we only ever had 5 things break…and they were small things like cups. They were a bit more expensive…but so worth it. Just thought I’d offer my 2cents. Again Congrats to you guys…you deserve it!!!

  3. We aren’t going with the people who gave us the first quote. We decided it would be worth it to go with the movers who got us to Pittsburgh. They will probably cost a little bit more, but they did a GREAT job, didn’t break our stuff. And that company does background and drug tests, which is nice. So yeah, we’ll go with those people. They have an A with the Better Business Bureau, and the first company to give me a quote got an F. Yikes!

  4. Movers are SO expensive. I moved a few months ago – between cities and it cost me $2500…only to get to my destination and move in…to move the next day to a new apartment (REALLY long story….) – it cost an extra $600!! Ugh…great blog. I’m in huge student loan debt now and would kill to win the Jackpot so these blogs are definitely up my alley…although I do get jealous of people’s extreme budget savviness! :)

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