Apr 12 2011

New Kindle for $114


Did you hear that Amazon is offering a “special offers” Kindle e-reader for $114? It’s $25 less than their next-cheapest model.

According to Amazon, this Kindle will have ads in the screensaver space and on the home page, so you won’t actually have to look at the ads while you’re reading a book.

You’ll also be eligible for special promotions, such as $10 for a $20 Amazon gift card.

I like ebooks. I’ve read several of them on my iPod Touch using the free Kindle app. But I do a lot of my reading in lowlight while rocking a sleepy baby, so I don’t know that I’d get much use out of a Kindle right now.

I still think that at some point, I’ll get one. Surely the price will keep on dropping, right?

Where are you on the ereader debate? And would you pay more for an ad-free version?

Part of me thinks that if they’re going to be making money on ads, they ought to have this version much cheaper than $114.

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8 Responses to “New Kindle for $114”

  1. Yeah I’d like one but I’m not going to save just a few bucks to have to deal with ads!
    Stacy´s last post ..Woo-hoo

  2. I don’t think I’d get one that has ads either. They annoy and tempt me!

    BUT the special offers sure does sound good! I guess you could always get one and if you didn’t like it you could sell it. Go for it!

  3. Before you make the leap to buy an ereader, check to see if your local public library offers a download service. Kindles are proprietary, and are therefore not compatible with these subscriptions. Amazon, of course, wants you to buy every title from them. You may find a handful of free Kindle downloads, but if your library has a good digital collection, you might be better off with another device.

  4. There is a work-around you can do, to convert other files to the Kindle-readable format. But I know the Nook is compatible with most public libraries and that could be a great way to borrow books.

  5. I probably wouldn’t get the cheaper version to avoid the ads, either. I must admit I get tired of seeing ads everywhere, because I tend to opt for cheap/free things. For example, all my apps on my ipod are free versions, and sometimes I get tired of always seeing the ads. (But not tired enough to pay for the versions.) So if I was saving up for a Kindle, I think I would spring for the ad-free one.

    Also, reading Karen’s comments makes me want a Nook, which is on woot.com today for $99. :-)

  6. Bah, my library doesn’t offer ebooks. Oh well, it was a nice thought. :-)

  7. I’m just gonna stick with the old-fashioned paper books. The fewer electronics the kiddos can spill milk on or jump on, the better my sanity level. I also hate the idea of reading a great book, and not being able to lend it to a friend. :( I’ll look into an ereader when the price dips below $50…maybe.

  8. You can “lend” ebooks with Nooks (I think?) for a short time. I like paper books in that you can resell them or give them away when you’re done. Can’t sell an ebook back to the publisher :(

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