Apr 10 2011

One door closed


We were so incredibly close to moving. The closest we’d ever come. And then our plans went flying out the window.

Shane has been keeping an eye on job listings at his company’s location in Louisville. Something popped up a month ago, but he let it pass since it didn’t seem like the timing was quite right for him. He had been wrapping up a huge project and the kinks were still getting ironed out with that.

But he recently found out that the position was still open, and that getting this particular position would be his best way of relocating to Louisville with the company. Other jobs probably won’t open up that would fit his needs. It was this or nothing.

He updated his resume and sent it to the hiring boss. She was impressed with him and the next thing he knew, he was the top candidate and they were about to give him a job offer.

The only catch — Shane’s current bosses had to approve the transfer.

Shane’s job is pretty specialized and no one else within his group could fill in the gaps for him while they sought his replacement.

His boss’s boss put his foot down and said he wouldn’t approve the job switch because it would leave the department in a big jam.

There’s a small chance the boss’s boss’s boss could overturn it, since he has an interest in both the Pittsburgh and Louisville operations, but we doubt that’s going to happen.

We felt so deflated.

It would be the easiest way to move — barely having to apply and not even having to interview.

Now it’s clear to us that if we want to relocate, we will have to look at other companies.

Our extended families seem like they want us to live closer, but sometimes it’s as if they’re trying to talk us out of it. Of course leaving a stable job where you’re highly valued is a risk. But this isn’t the only company where Shane can find success.

We want to leave Pittsburgh for a few reasons.

First, we want Shane to have a shorter commute. Right now he’s at 45-50+ minutes one-way, depending on the time of day. Ideally, it would be less than 20 minutes.  I haven’t been able to find a community that would fit that for us.

Second, we want to buy a house. At our price range, we could afford something sorta decent, but it probably wouldn’t be move-in ready and it definitely wouldn’t fulfill our wishlist. But in cities such as Indianapolis or Louisville, we could afford a great house AND probably be close to his job.

Third, we do want to live closer to our extended families. Right now we’re about 400 miles away. It takes more than 8 hours to get there by car. Flying isn’t a great option because there aren’t often direct flights, and we’d have to rent a car once we got there. It would just be too expensive and it wouldn’t really save us much time, if any.

At 400 miles away, we burn two days each trip solely for travel.

But if we lived just a few hours away, we could do day trips or weekend trips easily and without using vacation time if we didn’t want to. We could use his vacation days to go on a vacation.

I think we could stay in Pittsburgh for the long haul if we had to. We’d be ok. But we’d be missing out on a lot of positive things for our family if we stayed.

We’re still trying to figure out our next course of action. We’re praying and saving as much money as we can.

It seems like we’re at a turning point for our choose-your-own-adventure book.

– To continue on the same course and take the safe route and stay with the current company, turn to page 43.

– To take a risk, and switch to a different, unknown company in a different, unknown city, turn to page 72.

I think we’re flipping to page 72. I just wish I could peek ahead to see how it turns out.

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13 Responses to “One door closed”

  1. I loved those books in middle school. In life, not so much. God has a plan, even if you’re not in on it yet. My mom had been looking for a job for 5 months when her brother had a heart attack. She was able to fly across the country to help him and his family for as long as they need because she’s not working. Now she knows why she couldn’t “find” anything. Maybe Shane’s dream job is waiting for him at another company? Maybe you’re supposed to stay here in the ‘burgh so we can raise our babies together? :)

  2. That’s a really tough decision to make. When I’m done with grad school, we’re going to be in a similar situation as we’ll probably be moving for my job. So we can either wait it out and try to find something close to our family, or take a decent job further away and deal with transferring/moving down the line when we start a family.

  3. I am learning more and more everyday that yes, God has a plan, and all of the “tid-bits” are weaving together to create awesomeness! So sit tight, (I know you are) and just enjoy these moments! :)

  4. This is very similar to what my husband and I are facing. A better job, closer to family, and with more advancement opprotunities, but a much higher layoff risk. We don’t know what to do either!

  5. I like what the above commenters have said about God having a plan. ‘Tis so very true. It’s not fair that people are trying to talk you out of your potential pathways. This, too, shall make sense in retrospect. xoxo

  6. Wow, I can’t believe the company would risk losing him completely rather than letting him transfer. They have to know that all your family is back there (or very close) and figure you want to move back – especially now that he has actually applied for a transfer. I’m so sorry they are being like this, but I also agree that it would be easy in God’s perfect timing. good luck!

  7. It ain’t fully over yet — the controller could step in and say, “Yeah, we want you to stay with the company” but we feel like it’s probably over. But really, he could be doing things remotely from Louisville while they were finding/training the replacement so they wouldn’t totally be in a bind.

    I think it’s been pretty obvious that we want to move back, because they know we live in a tiny basement apartment and have no plans to buy a house here. And of course, there’s all that family back there! But now it’s pretty well out in the open our wishes.

    So we’ll try and be patient and wait and see what God will have us do next.

  8. I think that attitude (not being willing to let employees transfer within the company) is common in many companies, and in a lot of ways it’s counterproductive. I guess in today’s economy, companies are willing to call your bluff that you won’t actually leave to do what you want to do or live where you want to live. In the long run though, I think places end up losing valuable employees because individual departments aren’t willing to look at the bigger picture.

    That doesn’t really help your dilemma, just an observation on something that has frustrated many friends!

  9. That’s really frustrating. I’m so sorry! I’ll be praying for wisdom and clarity of mind for y’all.

  10. Keep praying! It’s so difficult not to know what the future holds (as you know I was recently in a similar situation). But, now I’m so happy, I love my job, and it all worked out just the way He planned it. :)

  11. Louisville is a good city. St. Matthews is a nice area and over in Floyd County Indiana or in Oldham County Ky you can find many good places to live. Louisville schools are not great though–we left them very quickly. Hope it all works out.

  12. I don’t know how much he has to physically be at work, but has he tried asking his boss if he can move but still support this location? There are so many tools out there now like skype and gotomeeting type deals where he could be there during the transitional phase. Or even stay while they fill out his shoes. I know it’s really tough to want to move and it’s not easy to leave a good company. You’ve been battling moving for a while, but it sounds like it is time to really start looking into it!

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