Mar 29 2011

The holding pattern


Do you ever feel like your life is in a holding pattern? Like you’re going in circles waiting for the next big thing? That’s where we are right now.

It’s like we’ve got one foot here in Pittsburgh, and the other foot somewhere else.

We’re waiting around for the right time to move closer to family, and it seems like we’re going to keep on waiting awhile for that to happen.

It’s hard to enjoy the day-to-day when you don’t feel completely present in the, well, present.

It’s hard to stay motivated to keep on saving money when you have no idea when you’ll have the opportunity to spend it.

But me having a grumpy attitude about it isn’t doing me or my family any favors.

Because really, our savings goals aren’t complete. If we moved next month, we wouldn’t be able to afford the things we want to buy.

So we need to stay put in our relatively cheap apartment and keep on plugging away at building our savings account.

We need to take advantage of all the fun that this city has to offer. Pittsburgh is a great city and I will miss it and its people when we leave. I don’t want to have a move-out date on the calendar and have regrets about not finding time to do XYZ while living here.

I recently bought some wall art stickers for our living room and Johnny’s room. I had held off on doing some of these decorative things because I keep on viewing our home as temporary. But ya know what, in three more months we will have been in this apartment for two years. In three more months, we will be in this city for four years.

My kids have lived here their entire lives. This is our home, for however longer it may be. We can’t let daydreams about our future prevent us from fully enjoying our life right now.

So that’s my pep talk to myself. Now it’s time for me to start believing it!

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10 Responses to “The holding pattern”

  1. That’s a good way to look at it! Plus, if you enjoy where you are, and its comfortable and decorated so that you like it more, it won’t feel like you’re waiting. Yeah, you might have to take that wall art off soon, but you’ll get to enjoy it in the time being. Life is short, don’t try to rush through it!

  2. I have had those same thoughts in almost every place I have lived. The worst was the townhouse I was convinced I was only going to live in for a year or two, it turned into five and I had never really decorated or made it mine. It made me hate living there, but I stayed. The next place I lived I made completely mine and loved it, but was only there two years. It made me happy to walk into a place (even if temporary) that was mine and decorated for me.

    I still have those thoughts with our house. We don’t plan on living in Orlando forever, but for now this is home. I also know that when we move we are going to miss the fun and flexibility of doing all the tourist things we take for granted now, so we indulge in them.

  3. This post makes such an awesome point! I have had the same attitude for a while now. I’m house hunting and not having a lot of luck, but each month we progress is another lump of savings that I can tack into the downpayment and lower my monthly mortgage payment. I stopped my $53 gym membership because I could make a home gym and save the money- but I haven’t made the home gym because I plan on moving into a house soon. I don’t want to spend money on most things because I’m trying to put everything I have into the housing fund ala gazelle style. :)

    But I’m starting to resent the whole process rather than enjoy it. And Bethany is dead on when she says that life is too short to rush through it. Thanks for bringing me back to my senses so I can slow down, smell the roses, and do those things I’ve been putting off until I find a house!

  4. Totally hear you on this one! We all need to live for today. We have our kids, a loving husband, and goals to work towards, take comfort in the fact that we are immensely blessed and living in the moments will be easier! :)

  5. I’m a huge Pittsburgh cheerleader, so I’ll encourage you to take advantage of all the great things this city has to offer before you leave. Hopefully spring weather will come soon and maybe that will give you a renewed sense of excitement about being here?!

    And as my mom always told me “don’t wish your life away”! As someone who tends to look ahead to the next milestone or event, it’s good advice, although easier said than done!

    Good luck…

  6. Good for you! Yeah I have the same tendencies to just look ahead when life will be different. It always reminds me of that old fable of the man who found the ball of thread and every time he pulled on the thread his life sped up. He ended up pulling all of the thread out too quickly and missing out on his whole life. Gotta slooow down and enjoy things. Thanks for this, I needed it!

  7. We were in a holding pattern in NJ for at least 3 years. It was frustrating, but also kept me from spending on things we didn’t really need. My motto was “Do I need this enough to pay to pack and move it?” While you’re still here, you should make a Pittsburgh bucket list, then ask a friend (pick me, pick me!) to go with you to cross things off the list before you leave. I’m planning a trip to the Phipps Conservatory. Wanna go?

  8. This is not at all related to this post, but I didn’t know where else to put it. Since we discovered UPromise through your blog we’ve been busy earning little bits here and there! What a great program! I’ve been telling everyone I know. Most people have no idea and are very excited to hear about it. Thanks for keeping us so well informed on financial tidbits, and other (Momma) things! LOVE YOU!

  9. I think I’m newly in a holding pattern. Come July or August, I’ll be packing up and moving off to graduate school nine hours from my friends, family, and fiancé. Up until this week, my life was a flurry of activity: studying for the general and subject GREs, applying for fellowships and to graduate programs, waiting impatiently to hear whether I was getting admitted anywhere, flying around the country for visits and interviews, weighing my options, and wondering whether I’d get a major fellowship. Now that all of the results are in and I’ve made my decision, all I really have to do is survive the last few weeks of the semester,and I’m not quite sure what to do with myself.

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