Mar 29 2011

The holding pattern


Do you ever feel like your life is in a holding pattern? Like you’re going in circles waiting for the next big thing? That’s where we are right now.

It’s like we’ve got one foot here in Pittsburgh, and the other foot somewhere else.

We’re waiting around for the right time to move closer to family, and it seems like we’re going to keep on waiting awhile for that to happen.

It’s hard to enjoy the day-to-day when you don’t feel completely present in the, well, present.

It’s hard to stay motivated to keep on saving money when you have no idea when you’ll have the opportunity to spend it.

But me having a grumpy attitude about it isn’t doing me or my family any favors.

Because really, our savings goals aren’t complete. If we moved next month, we wouldn’t be able to afford the things we want to buy.

So we need to stay put in our relatively cheap apartment and keep on plugging away at building our savings account.

We need to take advantage of all the fun that this city has to offer. Pittsburgh is a great city and I will miss it and its people when we leave. I don’t want to have a move-out date on the calendar and have regrets about not finding time to do XYZ while living here.

I recently bought some wall art stickers for our living room and Johnny’s room. I had held off on doing some of these decorative things because I keep on viewing our home as temporary. But ya know what, in three more months we will have been in this apartment for two years. In three more months, we will be in this city for four years.

My kids have lived here their entire lives. This is our home, for however longer it may be. We can’t let daydreams about our future prevent us from fully enjoying our life right now.

So that’s my pep talk to myself. Now it’s time for me to start believing it!

Mar 22 2011

Get instant free book updates on RSS


Anyone else download all interesting free books for Kindle? Anytime I see a book available for free, I download it. It might not always be free, so I figure it’s good to grab it while I can, and decide if I want to read it later.

You don’t need a Kindle device to enjoy these books! I don’t have one. You can read these books on your computer, smartphone, iPod touch (that’s what I do), etc. I’ve read five this year!

There are plenty of new releases available, as well as old classics.

Here is the link to the top 100 Kindle downloads — free and paid. This list is updated hourly.

Also, and this is the whole point of this post, you can now subscribe to the RSS feed for this page. That way, you are alerted when books make a new appearance on the list. At least, I think that’s how the RSS works. I’ve only been subscribed for a few days, but that seems like what’s going on.

The RSS feed for the page is listed at the bottom of the top 100 Kindle page linked above. Whenever I click the RSS link, it gives me an error. I don’t know if it’s my browser or their end. To get around this, open your feed reader (I use Google Reader) and just paste this link in the “add subscription” box:

If you’d like to find more free books that aren’t necessarily in the top 100, you can go to this page for Kindle freebies. Click the “limited-time promotional offers” link and sort by price.

Here’s a few links to books that are free right now. Do make sure that the price is $0.00 still, because it can change quickly! I recently bought a book that I thought was free, but suddenly was $7. I was able to reverse the order, but still! I haven’t read any of these yet. Let me know if you have. None of the books I’ve already read are still free, otherwise I’d link up.

Note: Some links are referral links. Why? I dunno. These are all for free titles, anyway, but I guess if you buy anything else on Amazon with my link I’ll get a few pennies.

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