Feb 23 2011

My $3 bag of clothes


Thanks to those of you who guessed the price of the clothing pictured in my previous post. Many of you were waaay off. In total, I paid $3 including tax (since clothing doesn’t have sales tax in Pennsylvania). I tallied up the tags and it would have been $63 at consignment regular price. Regular retail price would have been much more.

The consignment shop has a clearance section where, on Fridays, you can stuff a plastic grocery sack full and pay only $5 for it.

Or, you can pay $10 for a canvas bag and fill it for $3 any day the store is open, which is what I do.

You can fit a lot of little kid clothes in a bag, as you can see!

When I go to that store, I try and buy just the next size up needed for my son. I’m buying 3T and 4T for him now for this summer. I love short-sleeved shirts since you can wear those year-round and put a sweatshirt on top if it’s cold.

For Vivienne, who is changing sizes rapidly as all infants do, I’m buying up to size 12m right now. I can’t predict for sure which season that she will wear particular sizes, so again I try to buy mostly seasonless items that can be layered if necessary. But I can get even more clothes for her since they’re so tiny.

I don’t always find great things in the clearance rack, but I know that the next time I visit it could be a completely different story since inventory turns over so fast.

Feb 23 2011

Wanna guess what I paid for these clothes?


This weekend, I went to my favorite kids’ consignment shop (The Has Bin on 88, locals!) and got some clothes for the kids. I’ll post pictures of my loot and you can make your guess. I’ll comment later today with the price.

I got jean shorts and soft shorts and some t-shirts and polos for Johnny. I also got some pants, jacket, sweater, and onesies for Vivie. The clothes for J ought to fit him this summer, and V’s clothes later this year.

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