Feb 23 2011

My $3 bag of clothes


Thanks to those of you who guessed the price of the clothing pictured in my previous post. Many of you were waaay off. In total, I paid $3 including tax (since clothing doesn’t have sales tax in Pennsylvania). I tallied up the tags and it would have been $63 at consignment regular price. Regular retail price would have been much more.

The consignment shop has a clearance section where, on Fridays, you can stuff a plastic grocery sack full and pay only $5 for it.

Or, you can pay $10 for a canvas bag and fill it for $3 any day the store is open, which is what I do.

You can fit a lot of little kid clothes in a bag, as you can see!

When I go to that store, I try and buy just the next size up needed for my son. I’m buying 3T and 4T for him now for this summer. I love short-sleeved shirts since you can wear those year-round and put a sweatshirt on top if it’s cold.

For Vivienne, who is changing sizes rapidly as all infants do, I’m buying up to size 12m right now. I can’t predict for sure which season that she will wear particular sizes, so again I try to buy mostly seasonless items that can be layered if necessary. But I can get even more clothes for her since they’re so tiny.

I don’t always find great things in the clearance rack, but I know that the next time I visit it could be a completely different story since inventory turns over so fast.

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4 Responses to “My $3 bag of clothes”

  1. WHAT. I need to fine a consignment store with deals like that. DANG.

  2. Wow I guess $20 because I tried the count the items and came up around $20 so at $1 an item that would totally rock. But $3 is unheard of around here. I had to do some shopping for my dd12 this past weekend. I paid $5.99 for Jeans and $4.50 for tops. If any of the items had been the right color tag I could have gotten them for half off. But of course they weren’t. She is very hard to fit so we have to try everything on. In Jeans she wears a ladies 12. BTW that was at my local goodwill.

  3. Great finds! Did you go with 2 “helpers”?!?! Wanna hit snugglebugs with me again this year? I’m hoping to find some Penguins gear for Roanin since Once Upon a Child doesn’t carry local sports team stuff.

  4. THAT IS INSANE!!! Goodness!!! You are very fortunate!
    Stacy´s last post ..Big girl!

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