Feb 07 2011

Meals for the week, and grocery expenses


Our grocery bill is now around $100-$150/week. It’s a lot more than my $50/week days, but now I have two more people in my household, so I think that counts for something. My son can eat quite a bit, as can my husband (especially when he’s been exercising!). And I’ve got quite an appetite these days, too, with Vivienne nursing a lot.

We go to one grocery store once per week. I don’t have time to go to multiple stores right now, but hopefully in a few months I can hit Aldi for a few things. Instead, I’ve been going to Giant Eagle Market District for all our purchases.

Giant Eagle is pricey, but it does have good produce and a decent stock of organic goods.

This week, I spent $125.

  • $47 was produce, including grapes, mushrooms, tomatoes, blueberries, spinach, grapefruit, romaine, yams, apples, green pepper, avocado, oranges and carrots
  • $10.80 was milk. We buy roughly 3 gallons per week, and it’s $3.60 each. Oh, and it’s whole milk so it’s a little more than skim.

The rest was a little bit of meat and fish, bread, dairy goods, and some junk for good measure. My latest favorite candy is the Lindt chocolate truffles. Oh man, those are good!

I like buying spinach to use for salads or to cook and use. If I have some neglected spinach in my fridge and it starts to get wilty, I can cook it and still use it. You can do that with other types of greens if you like, but pretty sure you can’t do it with a head of lettuce! Plus, spinach is healthier than iceberg lettuce.

Our dinners this week, in no particular order. Keeping it pretty simple.

  • Steak, mac & cheese, spinach
  • Tilapia, sweet potatoes, frozen veggies or salad
  • Soup, salad, rolls (the soup is an organic boxed potato soup that I bought awhile ago)
  • Spaghetti, salad, bread
  • Asian honey chicken, rice, veggie (I made the chicken x3 and froze some, and this is the last of it. We’ve had it baked and stir-fried and I think stir-fried or grilled is the way to go with this recipe).
  • Lemon herb chicken ring, salads

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8 Responses to “Meals for the week, and grocery expenses”

  1. You are awesome for taking care of two kids AND meal planning! I think you should feel great about your grocery budget- it sounds like you are getting healthy foods for a reasonable amount of money.

  2. Girl – Our grocery budget has gone up since Cannon was born and I’ve just had to give myself grace. Who has time to coupon with a baby? Not me, not right now. Plus we’re trying to eat more clean/whole foods and there just aren’t a ton of coupons for sprouted grain bread! I keep telling myself we’re saving money on medical bills in the long run!
    Laura Stiller´s last post ..3-in-30 for February

  3. Mrs. Money — We’ve gotta meal plan, or we’d just eat a bunch of mis-matched things!

    Laura — Yeah, I think we’ve all gotta just be easier on ourselves. I’m looking for e-coupons to add to my Upromise account as well as store ecoupons because sometimes I buy those items.

  4. Sounds like you are eating very nourishing foods! I have been tracking our food expenses lately and have noticed a slight (a few cents) but gradual increase in milk and egg prices in 2011.
    I am managing to keep our grocery expenses at about 350 a month (2 adults, 1 two year old with a large appetite) with meal planning, pantry stocking, and freezer cooking. We may need to increase our budget if we want to keep eating wholesome meals.

  5. Oh Kacie, you are doing great considering you are buying some organic foods. I just spent $127 (after coupons) and I feel prices are always going up. I purchased on sale items and food for lunches and dinner for the week. I have a family of 5: 2-14yo girls and 11yo boy. I also buy for our freezer.
    Here’s our menu:

    Steak and baked fries, salad
    Baked chicken, baked potatoes, broccoli
    Homemade pizza (premade crusts)
    Pork chops, rice, veggie or salad
    Pot roast, mashed potatoes, carrots
    Chicken tenders (homemade), macncheese,
    Chicken fajitas with rice-veggies

    I am in school and I eat leftovers for lunch. My kids take chicken sandwiches for lunch. I may have to purchase a few more items for about $20 for the rest of the week.

  6. Yes!! The lemon herb chicken ring!!! That sounds like us with the spending, I can get it a tad lower with coupons and careful planning, but with a limit on time, that doesn’t happen that often anymore! :) Now I am hungry. Thanks!

  7. Isn’t that Asian Honey Chicken yummy?! It’s definitely going to be one of our freezer meal staples along with the manicotti and black bean casserole. Baked potato soup works pretty well too if you have a big block of time to peel up a ton of potatoes. I froze it in quart-sized freezer bags for quick thawing, and that’s worked great so far. Yay!
    Sally Ann´s last post ..Our baby girl is here

  8. Carmen — Food prices are on the rise across the board, it seems.

    Ericka, tanks for sharing your meal plan! Sounds like you have a nice variety of yummy things on your table.

    Amanda — it seems like it’s always time vs. money, and sometimes money has to win! Ugh. It won’t always be like that.

    Sally Ann — You just had a baby, and you’re reading my blog! HAH! I’m honored. Thanks for sharing those recipes — they’re all keepers!

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