Feb 28 2011

Deciding which baby items to save


I don’t have much storage space.

So I really can’t justify storing all of our outgrown baby clothes for future children that may or may not ever exist. For one thing, just because I have two children doesn’t mean I’ll be able to have more. And for another, I can’t predict whether the next one will be a boy or girl. My son is outgrowing 2T clothes right now, and it will be a long time (if ever) that I have another little guy who can wear that size.

If I had a garage or attic or some other area for saving entire children’s wardrobes, I might save all of it and get rid of it only after I was certain I wouldn’t have more children.

Since that’s not the case, I’m going to need to weed out some things.

– I’ll save a lot of the newborn/0-3m things since they are tiny and don’t take up much space

– Gender-neutral items are more likely to stick around

– Clothes that were gifts or have sentimental value will stay

– I’ll probably keep a few favorite items in each size

Everything else, I’ll sort for donations and consigning. I think it’s better to get rid of some of the nice, sellable things now before they go out of style or deteriorate from being stored too long. I can roll the money into their current/near future sizes.

As far as baby gear goes, I think we’ll get rid of our bouncy seat once Vivienne is too big for it. I saved it from when Johnny used it, but it doesn’t fold up very well and it’s just…big. Plus, I know I can get another one inexpensively if I need to.

We’ll keep our swing as long as Vivie doesn’t wear it out. It folds up pretty small and I can put it in our storage locker. We’ll also keep the pack n play, crib (the thing was recalled so I cannot sell it), and infant car seat since it won’t expire for several more years.

It does create a little more work in the short term: sorting and selling it. And later if I have to buy more clothes, that’s more effort.

But I can’t justify filling a closet with outgrown clothing and gear. I need to use the space for my children who are already here!

More on the topic: How long to keep baby stuff

Do you keep it all? Sell or donate some? What’s your process?

Feb 25 2011

Misc. for the weekend


-I thought I wasn’t able to switch to a different electricity supplier to save money, but turns out — we can, and we did. This ought to save us a bit of money, as our apartment is all-electric. I received a notice in the mail from FirstEnergy Solutions Corp. which helped me set it up to 7.19 cents per kWh.

-Are you making the best of your Netflix subscription? Peter at Bible Money Matters points us to a site that can help us get a better look at our usage. We use our Netflix to try out exercise DVDs, rent movies to watch, and for the streaming onto our Wii. We put our membership on hold from time to time when we notice we’re not really using it.

-I loved Crystal’s insights on paying cash for a house, and how it really might not be the best option if you have to make too many sacrifices for too long. I suppose we *could* save enough cash someday for a house, but I don’t want to have to live bare-bones for a decade to do it.

Is it always good to pay off your car loan early? (@PT Money)¬†Perhaps not, if you’re down to the end of the loan and you owe very little interest on it by that point. But, it’ll free up some cash and it’s always nice to drive a paid-for vehicle. Just as with all things financial, this will depend on your own situation and goals. Personally, I am glad we paid our car off early. If we didn’t, we’d still be paying on it through this November! Blech.

K have a nice weekend!

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