Jan 26 2011

One man’s retired life at 107


Read this article about how one 107-year-old man is spending his retirement.

He’s been retired since 1969! According to the article, he’s never made more than $10,000 in a year. I used this inflation calculator to estimate how much $10k then would be worth today: $60,813.

Oh. Ok, so that sounds like a pretty good living. But still!

This man and his wife tried to life a thrifty lifestyle and avoid debt as much as they could. He also bought and sold 35 houses in his lifetime, always making at least a little profit.

He’s a good example for us all.

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Jan 25 2011

Shop for electricity and gas suppliers to save money


If you live in a state where the energy industry has been deregulated, you may be able to shop around for different electricity or gas suppliers — potentially saving money on your bill.

The electricity industry is being restructured in Pennsylvania (and has already been in several other states), and you might be able to buy electricity from one supplier and have it still come through your current electric provider.

Pennsylvanians, please read this article from the Post-Gazette.

Next, visit PA Power Switch to see your options. You can learn how to shop for electricity and how to compare rates to see if switching would be a better deal for you. Some companies provide electricity from renewable resources.

My electric bill from Duquesne Light classifies my energy use as “RH- Residential Heating.”

The good news is that I’m already getting the cheapest rate available to me. The bad news is there’s only one supplier for me right now, so there’s no room to save more. I’ll keep checking back, since this is a fairly recent change for this state.

What if you live in another state?

Check this map to see what’s up in your state in terms of energy deregulation and supplier choice. The states that have “retail choice” on this map are as follows. I’ve tried to find helpful info and linked it to each state. Please let me know if you’ve found a better site for any particular state. Note that some states have competition for gas and electricity.

Have you switched energy suppliers to save money?

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