Jan 14 2011

Weekend reading


My daughter is 4 weeks old today and it feels like a lot longer! I’m surprised at how much easier it’s been on me this time to have a newborn. I think it helps that I have fairly recent newborn experience! My daughter isn’t particularly “easier” than my son was at this stage. I’m just more equipped to handle this stage, I think.

Here are some posts I’ve enjoyed lately:

Guarding against technology time-wasters @ Passionate Homemaking

The internet has made it so easy to streamline things, shop for deals, and connect with others. It’s also really easy for technology to be a big time-suck and divert your attention from more important things. This is something I’m really working on, myself!
Do you NEED to cut the grocery budget? @ Heavenly Homemakers

Love this! Sometimes, your budget is really, really tight and your groceries need to be as cheap as possible. The mission is to feed your family as best as you can, but it must be below a certain cost. I understand that. But if you do have room in your budget, then maybe it’s better to spend whatever it costs to feed your family with the strongest nutritional diet you can. You can’t really put a price on health.
2011 Flexible Spending Account Changes @ Bible Money Matters

Big changes ahead! Kind of a bummer, but what do ya do.
Panel Discussion on Burnout and Fatigue @ Keeper of the Home

If you consider yourself a “busy mom” then please go read this article. I do worry about a few of my friends burning out from over-commitment. So I hope you all just go read that post, and if you see yourself in it — make some changes!

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  1. Okay, I read it, just in case you were talking about me. ;)

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