Jan 09 2011

I went over on my cell phone plan


…and it was all ok!

In December, Shane and I talked on our phones more than we ever had (AT&T is our cell provider). In typical months, we had unused minutes, and typically some roll over minutes expired. But I think having a baby on the 17th gave us a lot more than usual to talk about, so we went over our plan. We kept on going, and used all of our rollover minutes, too!


It could have been a really ugly cell phone bill.

Thankfully, I checked our minutes usage online during the billing cycle and saw what was happening.

I was able to upgrade our minutes plan AND backdate it to the first day of our billing cycle. Rather than have crazy overage fees, they will treat us like we just had a bigger-minutes plan for that month. Phew!

I can lower it back down in the future no problem.

This is probably old news to a lot of you, but in case I could help someone out, I wanted to share.

Also, if you have AT&T, you should look into any available discounts. Shane gets us 20% off through his company. When we were college students, we were eligible for something like 8 or 12% off.

Come to think of it, now is as good of a time as any for us all to look over our cell phone plans to make sure it’s fitting our needs. If you have a lot of unused minutes each month, or if your data plan is too big for your needs, consider downgrading to save a few bucks.

Just keep an eye on your usage so you aren’t surprised at your bill.

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One Response to “I went over on my cell phone plan”

  1. We went over our cell phone plan minutes the month Savannah was born, too. :-) Of course it wasn’t just because of her – buying a house also involves a lot of phone calls!

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