Dec 13 2010

Still-pregnant roundup


This blog has been really quiet lately, but surely you folks don’t mind. I know that many people are preparing for Christmas and aren’t internetting as much lately anyway. (And if you subscribe to my blog via RSS, you won’t have to pop over to see if I’ve written anything — it’ll just let you know in your feed reader.)

Anyway, I’m something like 39 and a half weeks pregnant and just hoping I’ve got a few more pregnant days left so this wintery mess can get cleaned up. We just have a little bit of snow but it’s supposed to be blowing, and the wind chills are unacceptable to me right now.

Not good for my own ride in for birth, and not good for my friend who will be watching my son, or my pregnant doula!

A roundup:

Money is worthless from Mrs Money, who sees that there really are more important things in life than money.

DIY Grocery list tearpad from MoneySavingMom. I’ve been thinking about making this sort of project for awhile since I think it would help make the planning phase of grocery shopping a lot faster!

Are ebooks cost effective? From GRS. I have lots and lots of free books on my iPod touch and computer, using the free Kindle app. Old books and limited-time offers on newer ones. Love it. And, I can read the first chapter or so of many ebooks to see if I’d want to read more at the library or by getting my own copy. But I haven’t paid for an ebook yet. And I’m not sure that I can justify the cost of an ebook reader right now, even though Kindles have come way down in price.

How to secretly spend in your marriage from Christian PF. No, not to be sneaky — but for things like getting your spouse a present or something, ya know?

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4 Responses to “Still-pregnant roundup”

  1. I’ve definitely realized within our first year of marriage about how difficult it is to truly surprise your spouse when all accounts are shared. We tuck a few extra dollars back here and there in independent “stashes” that both parties know about. This money is then used primarily for Christmas gifting. (Although there is a stash “bi-law” that allows each owner to spend as he/she sees fit on special things for self or partner during the year) This works really well for made in person cash purchases.

    However, when I decided to order something special from a website, we had to make special arrangements for him to avoid seeing the credit card bill that month. He knew how much I spent and why I was spending it, but had he taken care of the bill that month like he usually does, he would’ve also known exactly what I’d purchased…just from the name of the company purchased from.

    In general, I do most of the spending on household goods, clothes, food and such. He oversees the paying of bills. It works well for us because it forces us to be in constant communication about finances. It also forces us to trust one another to take care of our portion of the spending. I have to trust that he pays the bills on time, and he does. He has to trust that I spend our money wisely when I shop for what we need, and I do!

    We also both really love the independent stashes. When it comes time to spend stash money on gifting, we set a limit, and then discuss whether we will spend any excess on something fun to do together or save it for surprises later on!

  2. Great link on ebooks. It convinced me I just don’t need to figure out the whole e-mess. The author thought the Kindle was only cost effective if you’re an avid reader of new release books. There’s so much good stuff from hundreds of years ago, I’m never going to make my way into the 20th and 21st centuries! Sincerely, “currently reading Austen’s ‘Persuasion’ from a beautiful leather-bound, guilded volume.”

  3. Word in the blogosphere is that you had your baby! Woo hoo! Can’t wait to hear all about it! :-)
    tiffany´s last post ..Gratitude for My Readers!

  4. You’re right, Tiffany! I got to go see Kacie and her precious baby girl today. They’re both doing well. I’ll let Kacie share all the fun details!

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